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Who are the Huichol?

Huichol are Indians of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains in western Mexico. The Huichol nonetheless stay and farm historically; they make 300-mile annual pilgrimages to their homeland, Wirikuta, in the desert of San Luis Potosi. There they collect peyote cactus and retrace and relive the migration of their ancestors. Until lately, that they had little to do with the outside world. One supply describes them as “self-sufficient and self-contained.”

Spiritually, the Huichol nonetheless observe historical tradi- tions. They are the largest group in Mexico that has not been enormously affected by Catholicism. Where Catholicism is practiced amongst the Huichol, it's not to the exclusion of historical ceremonies. Equal treat- ment is given to Catholic saints and conventional gods, which embrace deities of fireside, Sun, deer, Earth, rain, and corn. Other gods are Maxa Kwaxi (Deer Tail), thought-about the Great-grandfather; Tatewari, an previous hearth god, referred to as Grandfather; and Tayaupaq, a Sun god, known as Father.

Scholars have seen that the myths of the Huichol mirror the results of the seasons on their lives. The tales are divided between moist season tales (about rising corn and the flood, for instance) and dry season tales (about hearth and the Sun). One dry season story tells how the Sun got here to be: Long in the past solely the Moon shone; it was very laborious on the people, who had to stay with a lot darkness.

So, the people satisfied the Moon to give them her son. They dressed the boy in a lot finery after which threw him into a fireplace. The people thought he was gone, however he sneaked beneath the Earth. Several days later, he rose as the Sun in the east. He gave off fixed nice gentle and warmth, which was laborious on the animals that have been accustomed to looking at night time. They stayed hidden in shadowy, cool locations for some time however they turned stressed and hungry and indignant. They shot arrows at the Sun to make him go away.

The grey squirrel and woodpecker grew involved that the Sun actually would disappear and by no means come again. They put some corn beer at the horizon in the west as a present for the Sun in hopes that it could encourage him to transfer from east to west across the sky. It did, in fact, which is why the Sun disappears just for an evening and all the time comes again.