Who is Akhenaton in Egypt?

Akhenaton was a king of Egypt who dominated approx. 1350–1334 B.C.E. He is remembered for adjustments he made to EGYPTIAN RELIGION.

When Akhenaton got here to the throne, Egyptian faith targeted on the WORSHIP of the god AMON-Re. In the sixth 12 months of his reign, nevertheless, Akhenaton made the Aton or solar’s disk the central god of Egypt. He modified his identify from Amenho-tep to Akhenaton, “Servant of the Aton.”

He additionally moved his capital up the Nile from Thebes to a spot he named Akhetaton, recognized at the moment as Amarna. Akhenaton and his spouse Nefertiti worshipped solely the Aton; the people worshipped Akhenaton and Nefertiti.

Akhenaton’s adjustments didn’t final lengthy after his dying. His successor, Smenkhkare, destroyed the settlement of Akhetaton and moved the capital again to Thebes. The subsequent king, Tutankhamen, restored the cult of Amon.

Many have seen Akhenaton because the first monotheist, however that declare is too daring. Some have even speculated that MOSES discovered monotheism from Akhenaton. There is no proof to help such an concept.