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Who is Harsiesis?

Harsiesis is the Greek rendering of Hor-sa-iset, i.e. 'Horus, the son of Isis.’ We have already seen how Isis was reputed to have conceived Horus with out husband or lover and the way the recognition of mom and son continued to improve, along with that of Osiris himself. This reputation turned such that Harsiesis --originally a minor falcon-God from the neighborhood of Buto who was referred to as Horus the Younger so as to distinguish him from the good Sky God Horus the Elder - ended up by eclipsing all the opposite Horuses whose roles and attributes he successively took over.

The Osirian legend recounts the posthumous start of the kid which Isis obtained from Osiris by magical means, re-animating the corpse of the murdered God. It relates how she gave untimely start to Horus on the floating island of Chemmis, not removed from Buto. In early youth he was regularly referred to as 'the toddler Horus' --Harpkhrad - or Harpokrates.