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Who is Hikohohodemi and Honosuseri in Shinto Myth?

In Shinto delusion, Hikohohodemi and Honosuseri have been sons of Ninigi-no-Mikoto, Amaterasu’s grandson despatched to rule the earth, and Konohanasakuya. Hiko- hohodemi was a courageous and good-looking hunter in the mountains, however he longed to commerce locations together with his brother Honosuseri, a fisherman. Honosuseri stated no thrice, however lastly he agreed.

Hikohohodemi fished all day together with his brother’s particular fishhook however didn't catch something. Hono- suseri’s luck looking with Hikohohodemi’s bow was simply as unhealthy.

Honosuseri was not stunned. “I’m a fisherman,” he stated when he returned and met his brother. “You’re a hunter. Let’s get back to our proper places.”

Hikohohodemi agreed. But then he had to confess that he had misplaced his brother’s fishhook.

Honosuseri was very indignant. Nothing Hiko- hohodemi did may calm him. Hikohohodemi made 500 hooks from his sword, however Honosuseri wouldn't take them. “I want my fishhook,” he saved saying.
Hikohohodemi seemed for the hook however quickly grew discouraged. He dropped to the bottom and started crying because the water lapped on his legs on the shoreline. Shiotsuchi-no-kami, the god of the tides, took pity on him. Deciding to assist, Shiotsuchi made a small boat and despatched him on a tide to the palace of the ocean god, Wata-tsumi. (In some tellings, the god’s identify is Ryujin. In the model included in hotsuma- tsutae, or The Book of Heaven, he is not a deity however Hadezumi, governor of Sowo.)

When he arrived on the palace, Hikohohodemi hid in a sacred cassia tree close to a effectively as Shiotsuchi had instructed him to do. Soon, a servant got here to take water from the effectively. He requested the woman for a drink. When she gave him the cup of water, he spit a chunk of jade into it.
The woman ran again to Toyotama, her mistress. “There is a handsome prince in the tree near the well,” she instructed Toyotama. “He spit this beautiful jewel into my cup but I can’t remove it.”

Toyotama went to see him and fell in love. She launched him to her father, who welcomed Hiko-hohodemi as his son-in-law. The glad couple lived in the palace for 3 years, till Hikohohodemi started to appear sad. At Toyotama’s urging, the ocean god Wata-Tsu-Mi requested Hikohohodemi what was incorrect.

Hikohohodemi instructed the ocean god concerning the hook. Wata-Tsu-Mi commanded the entire fish to search for the hook. Finally it was found in the throat of a sea bream.
Wata-Tsu-Mi gave Hikohohodemi the hook and instructed him how to put a spell on it so his brother could be cursed. He additionally gave him the tide jewels: Shiomitsu-Tama, which creates floods, and Shiohuru-Tama, which removes floods.

A big crocodile (some sources say a shark) carried Hikohohodemi again to his house. Hikohohodemi discovered his brother and offered him with the misplaced fishhook. But when Honosuseri took it, Hikohohodemi turned and repeated the curse Wata-Tsu-Mi had given him: “May this hook make you forgetful, unlucky, poor, and foolish.”

The curse rapidly started to work. As Wata-Tsu- Mi predicted, Honosuseri turned poor inside three years. He determined to go to battle towards his brother. But it was a silly choice. Hikohohodemi used Shiomitsu-Tama to destroy his troops. His brother apologized, and Hikohohodemi eliminated the flood. After that, Honosuseri pledged to defend Hikohohodemi ceaselessly. He was pretty much as good as his phrase.

Hikohohodemi’s identify is additionally given as Hoori-no- Mikoto or just Hoori. Honosuseri’s identify is additionally given as Hoderi. These variations of the names are sometimes used collectively.

Hikohohodemi could be translated as “fire shade” and Honosuseri as “fire shine.”

Wata-Tsu-Mi’s daughter Toyotama is also called Otohime and Toyo-Tame.