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Who Is Hikohohodemi or Hoori?

In Shinto fable, Hiko-hohodemi is likely one of the sons of Ninigi-no-Mikoto, Amaterasu’s grandson despatched to rule the earth. His mom is Konohanasakuya. His brother is Hono-suseri, and their tales are intertwined.

Hikohohodemi married Toyotama, the daughter of the ocean god, and lived beneath the ocean for a few years. When Hikohohodemi returned to land with Toyotama, she turned pregnant. She warned Hikohohodemi that he should not watch her give beginning. He agreed and he or she went right into a hut to have their youngster. But Hikohohodemi didn't maintain his promise. He peeked via a crack within the hut, and watched her flip right into a sea dragon.

After giving beginning, Toyotama returned to the ocean. Her sister, Tamayori-Hime, got here from the ocean to take care of the kid. When the boy grew into a person, he married Tamayori-Hime. Their son had two names: Toyo-Mike-Nu and Kamu-Yamato-Iware-Hiko. According to legend, this son turned Jimmu Tennō, the primary emperor of Japan.

Hikohohodemi can be referred to as Hoori-no-Mikoto or merely Hoori. His title is commonly translated into English as “fire shade” or “fire fade.” He is also called Utsukine, a nickname meaning “Japanese snow flower.”