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Who is Kintaro The Golden Boy?

Kintaro was a hero of a collection of well-liked Japanese folktales, typically informed to or written for kids.

In some variations, Kintaro (“the golden boy”) is the son of Princess Yaegiri, who both dies after giving start or lives along with her son within the woods. In different variations, he lives within the mountains along with his mom, Yama-Uba, the Shinto kami or goddess of the hunt and forest. Kintaro’s father is alternately described as a warrior from a fantastic household or a courtroom official who had been wrongfully exiled to a faraway island (and in some variations kills himself as a result of he is disgraced).

As a boy, Kintaro spends his days speaking, enjoying, and wrestling with the animals of the forest, growing superhuman energy. One day, the boy and his animals come to a large river and surprise how they may cross it. Kintaro merely pulls a tree out of the bottom, roots and all, after which lays it across the river to use as a bridge.

A celebration of hunters from the Minamoto clan witnesses the boy’s unimaginable feat. Their chief sends General Watanabe to discover out who the boy is. The common attire up like a humble woodcutter in order not to scare the boy. When he reaches Kintaro’s house he watches the boy win a wrestling match with a bear. Amazed, the overall asks if Kintaro would wrestle him. To his shock, Watanabe can solely tie in opposition to Kintaro’s superior energy. He instantly asks the kid’s mom about their background, after which affords to take Kintaro to the imperial courtroom to be educated as a samurai underneath the lord of the Minamoto clan.

Kintaro finally turns into an excellent warrior and a trusted lieutenant of the Minamoto clan chief Raiko (additionally known as Yorimitsu). In one thrilling journey, Kintaro has an encounter with a demon spider that tries to poison Raiko. Before the spider can kill him with its poison venom, Kintaro uproots a large tree and squashes the spider.