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Who Is Kōbō Daishi? Historical Tabo Daishi Tale

Daishi  (774–834) was a historic determine, additionally known as Okayōbō Daishi , was the Buddhist monk credited with the concept of “Shinto with two faces,” the doctrine which united Buddhism with native Shinto beliefs. This concept, often known as Byōbu-Shinto, intertwined among the fundamental beliefs and myths of the 2 nice religions.

Okayōbō Daishi is definitely a posthumous title, given to the monk after he died. He was often called Okayūkai throughout life. Okayōbō Daishi’s identify can also be rendered as Dobo Daishi and Okayabo Taishi .

After his demise, many legends started to be instructed concerning the holy man. Some most likely date from lengthy earlier than his time however have been connected to his identify after he grew to become well-known. Among his legendary deeds have been making chestnut bushes flower in winter, carving a large statue of Jizō in a single night time, and banishing sea dragons with magic phrases.

It is claimed that Daishi’s physique waits to be united with Miro, the bosatsu of the longer term. When Miro comes, Daishi will rise in good health as he was in life.