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Who is La llorona?

A legendary determine acknowledged all through Meso-America that as we speak is believed to cry out at evening for her lifeless youngsters and to materialize within the woods, dressed all in white, to tempt males after which depart them unconscious. Stories that inform how and why Llorona’s youngsters died fluctuate.

Some tales say that the Nahua Earth mom Cihuacoatl spirited them away to be sacrificed, however in most tales they had been drowned. Llorona is most frequently heard crying close to a lake, river, spring, or the ocean.

Some tales say that Llorona killed the kids to escape having to mom them. Others clarify that she killed them out of revenge or grief at being left by her husband, who both left her or died.

In Mexico, Llorona and Malinche are thought-about the identical determine; some students imagine her roots are within the Aztec creation delusion of the large Earth monster Tlaltecuhtli who cries out for blood at evening.