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Who is Nefertum in Egyptian Mythology?

Nefertum in Egyptian mythology, one which the Greeks rendered as Iphtimis, is the identify of the unique divine son of the Memphis Triad. The Greeks recognized him with Prometheus, maybe as a result of his father was mentioned to be Ptah Hephaestus, the discoverer of fireplace.

He is habitually represented as a person armed with the curved sabre known as the khepesh. His head is surmounted by an open lotus flower from which springs a horned stalk, and he typically seems standing on a crouched lion. Sometimes he has the pinnacle of this lion, which he likely owes to his mom, the lion-Goddess Sekhmet.

His identify, which signifies 'Atum the Younger,’ clearly signifies that he was at first an incarnation of Atum of Heliopolis, a rejuvenated Atum who at daybreak sprang from the divine lotus, asylum of the solar through the night time. A local of Lower Egypt, he was thought of because the son of Ptah, and his mom turned that God's partner. He subsequently occupied - earlier than Imhotep - the third place in the oldest Memphis Triad.