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Who is Seshat? Goddess of Writing and History

Seshat (or Sesheta) was Thoth's principal partner. In actuality she is in her high quality of Goddess of writing and historical past, merely his double At first she was portra yed with the options of a lady weariij on her head a star inscribed in a reversed crescent, surmountedb- two lengthy straight plumes, an ideogram of her title which signing 'the secretary.’ Later, due in all probability to a misunderstanding on tin half of sculptors, the crescent was changed by two lengthy, turned down horns, from which the Goddess derived the title Safekh-Aubi i.e. 'she who wears (or, maybe, raises) the 2 horns.’

She was a stellar divinity who served to measure time; to her---as to Thoth - was ascribed the invention of letters. She was referred to as 'mistress of the home of books.’

She was additionally referred to as 'mistress of the home of architects' and w represented because the foundress of temples, serving to the king to decide the axis of a brand new sanctuary by the help of the celebrities, and marking out the 4 angles of the edifice with stakes.

As Goddess of historical past and record-keeper for the Gods, we see her, alone or within the firm of her husband, writing the names of the sovereigns on the leaves of the sacred tree at Heliopolis, or ofregistering on a protracted palm-leaf the years of reign accorded to the Pharaoh and, on this event, drafting the minutes of jubilee celebrations.

As mistress of the scribes she writes on a pill the steadiness due to the king from captured enemy booty. When the nice sovereign of the eighteenth dynasty, Queen Hatshepsut, sends an expedition to the land of Punt it is Seshat who, on the expedition's returnti Thebes, makes the stock of the treasures introduced again. 'Tho4 ma de a notice of the amount,’ we're advised, 'and Seshat verified to figures.'