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Who is Tokoyo?

Tokoyo , the heroine of a Japanese legend demonstrating a daughter’s love and responsibility towards her father. Tokoyo’s father was a samurai named Oribe Shima. Though courageous, the samurai displeased his emperor and was banished from the dominion.

Tokoyo missed her father and finally determined to search for him. She went to Akasaki and located some fishermen, hoping to persuade them to row her to the Oki Islands. But they refused, because it was towards the regulation to take anybody to the exiles there.

Tokoyo took a ship herself. When she arrived, she was warned not to say her father’s identify, since on the lookout for him was forbidden. Instead, she wandered across the island, wanting and listening for clues.

Her search introduced her to a Buddhist temple. After praying there, Tokoyo noticed a Buddhist priest main a crying lady away. She adopted as they walked to a cliff. Tokoyo barely managed to cease the priest from throwing the lady into the waves.

The priest defined sadly that the sacrifice was crucial. The god Yofune-Nushi demanded a younger maiden every year, or he would ship storms to drown the native fisherman.

Tokoyo informed the priest she would go within the lady’s place. The lack of her father had destroyed her need to stay, she mentioned.

But Tokoyo was not likely prepared to die—or not less than, she was not ready to achieve this with out a struggle. With a dagger in her tooth and prayers to Buddha, she jumped into the ocean. She would kill Yofune-Nushi and finish his terror.

At the underside of the ocean sat the doorway to a big cave. Tokoyo entered. There she discovered a statue of the emperor who had banished her father. At first she needed to hack it to items. But then she determined she would take it again to the island along with her.

As she started to depart, a serpent got here to cease her. But Tokoyo blinded the monster, then killed it. She returned to land, the place the stunned Buddhist priest heard the story and proclaimed that she was a hero. When the emperor heard the story, he realized that he had been free of an evil spell. Oribe Shima was reunited along with his daughter, and the 2 returned house.