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Who is Ullikummi in Hittite Mythology

In Hittite mythology, Ullikummi was born from the mating of the god Kumarbi with the Rock, a sentient boulder. Ullikummi, made totally of diorite, a sort of darkish, coarse-grained rock, had been created as a weapon to defeat
the storm god and his allies. To cover him from the storm god, the solar god, and Ishtar, the goddess of fertility, Kumarbi placed him on the shoulder of Upelluri, the dreaming god, the place he grew an acre in a month.

After fifteen days, Ullikummi had grown sufficient to stand waist deep in the ocean, which is the place the solar god first noticed him. Warned by the solar god, the storm god fought Ullikummi on Mount Imgarra, however the battle had no clear victor. Then, Ullikummi drove the goddess Hebat out of her temple. An military of seventy gods attacked him, and so they all plunged off the mountain, falling down into the ocean.

Ullikummi rose out of the ocean, an enormous 31,000 miles (about 9,000 leagues) tall. He towered over the town of Kummiya. Ea, god of the sky, lower off Ullikummi’s toes with the copper knife that had separated the heavens from the earth. Despite his wounds, Ullikummi nonetheless boasted that he would take the kingship of heaven.
Although no full text stays, it appears clear that regardless of his boasts, Ullikummi was defeated.