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Who is Völva in Norse Mythology?

In Norse and Teutonic mythology a völva was a feminine prophet, a sort of priest or shaman. Generally, this figure was an older lady who was not certain to a single household or clan and will wander freely.

The völva would possibly journey alone or have a retinue of apprentices. She carried out a craft known as seidr, which was both shamanistic ritual or true sorcery. Völvas have been held in excessive regard. Men may very well be völvas as effectively however weren't revered as the ladies have been. True seidr was thought of a lady’s craft.

A völva is described in the Saga of Erik, dressed in a blue-black gem-studded cloak, a necklace of glass beads, and a hat trimmed with white catskin. A pouch containing her magical instruments hung from a belt round her waist. She wore calfskin footwear ornamented with brass and catskin gloves, with the white fur on the within. She carried a distaff adorned with brass and gems, which was stated to create a spell of forgetfulness on anybody she tapped with it 3 times on the cheek.

The völva would sit on a small platform and make her predictions after slipping right into a trance. In the Saga of Hrolf Kraki, the völva placed two lacking boys this manner, chanting out the knowledge.
It was stated that the völva was so essential a figure that even Odin, one of many chief Norse deities, consulted a völva about the way forward for the gods.