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Who was God Kauyumari?

Kauyumari was a trickster god of the Huichol in Mexico; also called Wolf. The Huichol inform many tales about Kauyumari. In some tales, he's a part of the creation course of—surviving the flood, populating the world, and performing the primary funeral.

In tales reminiscent of the next he's the basic idiot, often taken benefit of by the Moon: One day, Moon requested Kauyumari to do him a favor. Kauyumari was skeptical; he had realized not to belief Moon. But Moon appeared to really want his assist and even known as him Brother, which had by no means occurred earlier than.

Maybe, thought Kauyumari, Moon had begun to respect him just a bit. So, Kauyumari agreed and requested how he may assist. Moon defined that he wanted a tree lower down. That the tree was full of honey could be a bonus to Kauyumari. The poor idiot lower down the tree, however because the honey poured out of it, it become a torrent of smelly, black water and small stones that knocked Kauyumari over and gave Moon fun as he moved across the sky.