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Xochiquetzal Goddess: Lady Precious Flower Mythology

The eternally younger Aztec and Toltec goddess of gaiety, love, and flowers, which symbolize enlightenment. She watched over childbirth, guarded new moms, and was the patron of weavers, silversmiths, painters, and anybody who used artwork to recreate pure.

She was at all times depicted with butterflies and birds surrounding her. Marigolds are supplied in her honor on the Day of the Dead and anytime she is honored.

Xochiquetzal is the daughter of Tlazolteotl, the goddess of the Moon and eater of all sins. Some say she was married to her twin, the flower prince Xochipilli, however most accounts identify her because the spouse of the rain god Tlaloc.

One fantasy tells how Xochiquetzal and Tlaloc had been the only survivors of the good flood that ended the Fourth Sun, or age, in Aztec mythology. All their youngsters had been born unable to converse. A dove lastly arrived on the mountain, Colhuacan, the place they lived and gave the kids speech. However, every youngster was given a unique language. Eventually, the Sun god Tezcatlipoca fell in love with Xochiquetzal and got here to the mountain to take her away.