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Top 10 YouTube Video Downloader App

YouTube Downloader App

Get YouTube video Downloader app to use on your Android mobiles. Most YouTube Downloader apps comes with ability to convert media type feature that allows you to convert videos to any video/audio formats or directly to your Android mobiles.

YouTube Downloader app is one of the most sought after app for Android users to enable them to Download YouTube videos for free. One negative (at least to users not YouTube) thing about YouTube is the inability to allow users to DOWNLOAD VIDEOs directly to mobiles and watch offline (not save for later in this case) probably for the best reason.

YouTube video Downloader app has not been launched on Google Play due to Google’s Policy which prohibits Downloading videos from YouTube. However, there are quiet a reasonable number of YouTube video Downloader app which is efficient and safe.

So, YouTube Downloader App! Yeah, that’s what we’re up to this time. We have painstakingly come to this end to list out some leading YouTube Downloader App that focuses on free YouTube videos Download, free muvies Download, free songs Download and TV show Download. You can find massive amount of youtube videos, MP3 songs, muvies and TV shows to Download for free not only from YouTube but from top video hosting platforms. This list highlighted the YouTube videos Downloader Apps which will definitely be your best choice for Downloading videos on android!

Why YouTube Downloader App?

  1. 1 click DOWNLOAD VIDEOs from YouTube, Vimeo, VEVO, Facebook and more sites with Extension or URL.
  2. Batch Download YouTube videos or YouTube playlist at faster speed and manage the Download.
  3. Convert YouTube video format to other media formats e.g video to audio.
  4. Access Downloaded YouTube videos on mobile devices.
  5. Play video directly with the built-in media player without operating system limits.

How to use YouTube video Downloader apps

Mostly all of the mentioned YouTube Downloader apps here have a similar approach to usage. In order to Download YouTube videos with these apps, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Install your favourite YouTube video Downloader app
  2. Open the app upon successful installation and find (by searching or browsing the recommended) your favourite videos to Download.
  3. Click the Download now button or save now button
  4. Select your preferred format or extension for the video
  5. Your video Download starts in a jiffy (Downloading requires active data connection or Wi-Fi)
  6. [Optional] You can also convert to other extensions later (if your app allows it)
YouTube Video Downloader App

Top YouTube Video Downloader App

YouTube Downloader App for Android phones and tablets list. Despite early exclusion from Google Play Store, most of these YouTube Downloaders are now available on Play Store.

Download this YouTube videos Downloader app and enjoy your favourite clips at a blazingly speed of Download at your comfort free of charge.

1. VidMate

VidMate is one of the most recommended free YouTube Downloader app offering free service helping you to Download favourite videos on YouTube and major video hosting platforms.

With VidMate, all videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Daily Motion etc. can be Downloaded on at high speed while you also stand a chance to either watch or Download the latest muvies and songs, so also TV shows for free.

VidMate presumably does exactly what is expected from a video Downloading app. The app has a beautifully designed, simple-to-use interface. The intuitively designed app also works on phones and tablets.

2. Videoder

Videoder is a leading YouTube Downloader app that focuses on free YouTube videos Download, free muvies Download, free songs Download and TV show Download. Get massive amount of youtube videos, MP3 songs, muvies and tv shows to Download for free on Videoder.

This special Android app for Downloading YouTube videos packs a whole lot of features, convert video file to audio, choose your preferred resolution and format for your Download and many more. Though, not yet having its own media player for videos streaming but relies on default Android media player to execute this video playing function, yet Videoder is one YouTube Downloader app never to ignore.

3. TubeMate

TubeMate Youtube video Downloader app is perhaps one of the best in the making. TubeMate is a seasoned app with lot of great features also. TubeMate comes with extraordinary simple user friendly interface, it consumes less data and storage and performs excellently well.

With TubeMate YouTube video Downloader, you can also watch Downloaded YouTube videos with the built-in media player supporting virtually all kinds of video extension.

4. KeepVid

KeepVid is a free Android YouTube Downloader app. This YouTube Downloader app for Android enables you to DOWNLOAD VIDEOs and songs from YouTube and other popular sites on your Android devices for free.

KeepVid has built-in web browser allows you to browse and Download high definition videos directly with simple click and Download multiple videos at super fast speed.

5. EasyTube

EasyTube is YouTube Downloader app for Android that Downloads files at a very high speed. It has an in-built player that allows you to stream videos online.

EasyTube also allows one to choose the preferred video quality before Downloading. It uses resume break points technology that allows one to pause and resume the Download process.

Like the other Downloaders it will let you choose from the different versions of the video available for Download and give you quick access to the Downloaded videos.

6. Tubex

Tubex is a YouTube video Downloader app that is considered one of the best in Downloading YouTube videos to your Android. Tubex has a faster-Downloading capabilities, built-in search option to search for favourite videos, songs and TV shows.

The app has a very friendly UI that offers simpler exploration throughout, allowing you to DOWNLOAD VIDEOs and audios from YouTube in various file formats. Moreover, ability to stream videos is likewise vested in this YouTube Downloader app.

7. WonTube

WonTube YouTube Downloader app is one of the complete apps out there that supports Downloading YouTube videos. This app also has a built-in search & Download option with 4-star Download speed.

WonTube allows users to also pick the version of the video and you can also individually extract the MP3 audio file. All your Downloaded files can be accessed from the dashboard and you can open them with a default media player.

It also has an impressive UI and has the ability to Download YouTube videos at blazingly fast speeds. WonTube is however one of the very best free app to Download YouTube videos for Android.

8. YTD

YTD is a free YouTube Downloader app with simple and straightforward approach. Paste any YouTube video URL in the bar and search then your Download starts immediately.

Finally, for the sake of simplicity YTD is an Android YouTube Downloader app that you can use to easily Download any YouTube videos and musics to your device. This YouTube Downloader app for Android Downloads files at a very high speed, and also comes with a classic user friendly interface.

9. SnapTube

SnapTube Downloads videos from youtube fast and conveniently. It has the ability to categorize videos since it has a section of most viewed videos, popular videos and also daily recommendations. One can search for a video among these categories or by typing the name of the video on the search bar.

To use SnapTube, Install the SnapTube App and launch it. Type the name of the file on the search bar. On the search result click on your favorite file to select it then click Download and your file will be Downloaded automatically.


We hope this compendium of YouTube Downloader apps finds the right place in your sight. Though, there are much more YouTube videos Downloader apps for Android mobiles out but these very few are exceptional, but if we are to expand our list, it should contain about 20 best apps to Download YouTube videos free but we just chose this top 10 safe YouTube Downloader apps for Android.

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