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Yucatán Maya's Kinich ahau Mythology

Kinich ahau (AhAu Kin, Ah Kin) the solar god of the Yucatán Maya. Kinich Ahau was a god of the day, who moved across the sky and have become a jaguar at evening to journey by means of the underworld. He is the daytime Itzámna (sky god) and was adopted by rulers and warriors alike.

Undoubtedly, these leaders hoped to faucet into the ability of each the Sun and the jaguar. Kinich Ahau was additionally the patron of the Mayan metropolis Itzamal, which he visited day by day at noontime, flying down from the heavens as a macaw to eat no matter choices people had set out for him.

He is commonly proven with crosses for eyes, a big hooked nostril, and a full beard whose curled ends resemble the rays of the Sun. He has additionally appeared as a big hen with brightly coloured feathers, and due to his photo voltaic affiliation, Kinich Ahau was recognized with fireplace. The similar four-petaled glyph in Mayan writing stands for each Kinich Ahau and the Sun. Kinich Ahau is often known as Ah Xoc Kin, the god of poetry and music.