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Yuki-onna: Mythology of The Snow Woman

Yukionna, a ghostly creature who seems throughout a snowstorm and lulls males to sleep, inflicting them to freeze and die. The phrase yuki means snow, whereas onna is a feminine, so “Yuki-Onna” has been interpreted as Snow Woman, Winter Ghost, Lady of the Snow, or Snow Queen. Yuki-Onna can seem in earthly kind, however is thought to disappear in a white mist.

In one folktale about Yuki-Onna, an aged man and his younger companion are touring within the mountains when a blizzard forces them to take shelter in a hut on the mountainside. During the night time, the door blows open, sending in a swirl of white mist and snow out of which seems a stupendous younger girl.

Approaching the outdated man, she blows her icy breath over him and causes his dying. The younger companion sees all the incident and begins to shake with concern. As the Snow Woman approaches him, he cries out for mercy. The Snow Woman considers his plea and decides to spare his life so long as he vows to maintain the dying of the outdated man a secret. The subsequent morning, when a search get together finds the hut, the younger man pretends his companion merely died of the chilly.

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Several months later, the younger man meets and marries a stupendous younger girl named Yuki and collectively they’ve many kids. Since Yuki is an effective mom and spouse the couple lives fortunately for a few years. But one night throughout a blinding snowstorm, the husband remembers that unusual night time of the Snow Woman’s go to.

As he begins to inform his spouse how the Snow Woman killed the outdated man, Yuki begins to act oddly. Before the younger man’s eyes, she turns into the Snow Woman. Furious, she reminds her husband of how he had promised by no means to converse of the incident. The husband, in terror, begs Yuki’s forgiveness. For the sake of their kids, the Snow Woman says, she is going to spare his life, however she is going to by no means forgive his betrayal. Then she disappears in a white mist.