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Zipacna (Mountain Mover) Mythology

Zipacna (Mountain Mover) Son of the enormous stone man Vukub-Cakix from the Quiché myths recorded within the PoPol Vuh. The household had superb powers that made them very boastful and conceited.

Vukub-Cakix had a physique manufactured from treasured metals that he claimed made him shine brighter than the Sun and Moon. His son Cabrakan had the ability to shake the Earth, whereas Zipacna had the ability to construct and transfer mountains.

Every day, Zipacna dug up dust and piled it into mountains, after which his brother shook the bottom onerous sufficient to crumble the mountains. This brought about a lot chaos on Earth that the gods determined to ship the Hero Twins to destroy Vukub-Cakix and his sons. After killing Vukub-Cakix, the twins devised a plan to kill the brothers.

They enlisted the assistance of 400 youngsters, who have been excavating land to construct a home. The youngsters wished to cowl the roof with tree branches, so that they requested Zipacna if he may transfer an enormous tree to the constructing website. Flattered, Zipacna simply balanced the tree on his shoulder and introduced it to the positioning. Then the 400 youngsters requested if he would assist them dig a ditch. Again, he agreed, however as he was working, the youngsters pitched dozens of tree trunks into the ditch to kill him. Zipacna managed to escape by ducking right into a facet tunnel. To idiot his enemies, he lower off his hair and bit off his nails and gave them to the ants to carry to the floor. When the youngsters noticed what the ants have been carrying, they took it as an indication that Zipacna was lifeless.

That night time, the 400 youngsters celebrated by get- ting drunk on pulque. Silently, Zipacna rose from his hiding place and shook the home the place they slept. He killed all however a handful of the youngest, who fled to the sky and have become the constellation Plieades.

Finally, the Hero Twins devised a greater plan to kill Zipacna. He preferred to eat seafood and would usually enter one notably deep cavern to discover the tastiest crabs. First, the twins created a synthetic crab to lure him deep contained in the cavern. Next, they dug out a gap within the neighboring mountain. When Zipacna entered the cavern, it triggered an avalanche of dust and stone, burying him and turning his corpse into stone. In different Mayan tales, Zipacna was the lord of daybreak who killed 400 stars within the sky, which Hunahpu, one of many Hero Twins, put again each night time