llesa Postal or Zip Codes (Osun State)

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llesa Postal or Zip Codes (Osun State) in Nigeria. Get llesa Postal or Zip Codes (Osun State). Full List And Correct Zip Postal Code Digits.

Postal Codes In Nigeria Are Numeric, Consisting Of Six Digits. See all llesa Postal or Zip Codes (Osun State) below:

Ilesa is a popular town in Osun State, Nigeria. It is carved out of Ilesa North and South Local Government Areas (LGAs).

This post provides postal or zip codes for all the towns, villages, and districts within all the aforementioned locations.

Here are the postcodes for Ilesa:

Oke Iro

Location Postcode
Aayo St. 233251
Eregunrun St. 233251
Ijofi St. 233251
Isare St. 233251
Isora St. 233251
Obalogun St. 233251
Orogba St. 233251
Rogbo St. 233251

Federal Technical College

Location Postcode
Abiola Rd. 233224
Ijebu Jeza Rd. 233224

Oke Eso Igbaye

Location Postcode
Abiola v. 233223
Aud Pry Sch 233223
Ijoka Rd. 233223
Ogbon Okun 233223
T.A.C. Pry Sch 233223

Asoko Quarters

Location Postcode
Adebayo St. 233236
Ogbedu Plastic 233236


Location Postcode
African Church Grammar School 233285


Location Postcode
Altakumosa Market 233211
Library 233211
Owa Palace 233211
TBO 233211

Oke Ooye

Location Postcode
Arogbo St. 233231
Isare St. 233231
Iloro St. 233231

Irojo Quarters

Location Postcode
ATTC 233243
Daily Candle 233243
Sabo Market 233243

Ilesa LGA

Location Postcode
Awolowo Ave. 233215
Station 233215

Oromu Quarters

Location Postcode
B. C. M. 233262
Ife Rd. 233262
Primary Sch 233262
River Oba 233262

Old Akure Road

Location Postcode
Babalo Gram Sch 233227
C.A.C. 233227
Pond 233227
St. Lawrence Sch. 233227


Location Postcode
Biladu St. 233252
O.A.U. 233252
Oke Iro St. 233252


Location Postcode
Iroye St, 233232
C.A.C. 233232
Obokun Ave. 233232

Oke Opo Quarters

Location Postcode
C.A.C. High Sch 233253
Iyemogun Rd. 233253
Prison Yard 233253
Works Yard 233253

Araromi Okesa

Location Postcode
Catholic Rd. 233221
Ereguru St. 233221
Idifi St. 233221
Iloro St. 233221
Ogbon Okun St. 233221
Ogudu St. 233221

Oke omiru

Location Postcode
Omope Primary School 233283
Cooperative Store 233283
Osogbo Rd. 233283


Location Postcode
Court 233212
Isida St. 233212
Otapete St. 233212
Petrol Station 233212

Obokun High School

Location Postcode
Fashoro Ln. 233233
Muslim prayer Group 233233

Government Quarters

Location Postcode
G.R.A. Rd. 233263
Ife Rd. 233263


Location Postcode
Idasa 233281


Ifosan St. 233222
Ijamo St. 233222
Ilemo St. 233222
Ogbon Okun 233222
Okesa St. 233222

Abiola Ave.

Igboye St. 233225


Location Postcode
Ijoka St. 233213
Mp. 233213
Orinkinran St. 233213


Location Postcode
Ikoti Ln. 233282

Imo Quarters

Location postcode
Imo motor park 233226

Ilerin Quarters

Location Postcode
L.A. Pry. Sch 233242
Iperindo Rd. 233242


Location Postcode
Isokun St. 233214
L.A.School 233214
Methodist Sch 233214

leventis Agric Farm

Location Postcode
leventis Agric Farm 233235

Oke Ese

Location Postcode
Methodist Primary School 233271
Ogbonegbon St. 233271

General Hospital

Location Postcode
N.U.D.Primary School 233272
Ogedengbe Grammar School 233272

Ilaje Quarters

Location Postcode
Omope Primary School 233283
Cooperative Store 233283
Osogbo Rd. 233283

OSADEP Zonal Office

Location Postcode
OSADEP Zonal Office 233234


Location Postcode
Police Station 233261


Location Postcode
Adebayo St. 233241
Ogbedu Plastic 233241
Plank Mkt. 233241
Sport Stadium 233241

Postal codes in Nigeria are made up of six numeric digits, the first digit is the regional code with the last three digits representing the delivery location mostly a post office or an urban area.

That’s all llesa Postal or Zip Codes (Osun State)