Lola OJ reveals name and first picture of her 3-months-old daughter

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British-born Nigerian beautypreneur, Lola OJ has shared adorable photo of her daughter and her name.

Lola OJ who welcomed her beautiful daughter into the world 3 months ago has shared a photo of herself carrying her baby, her name and what motherhood now means to her.

She took to her social media page to write;

Almost 3 months ago my life changed for the better. I birthed LIFE, I became a MOTHER, I birthed LOVE.

Life will take you in directions you NEVER saw yourself going in but it will turn out to be the best road ever taken.
Hear me! It hasn’t been the easiest road but by far the most rewarding. Her smile… I can’t begin to put to words the anxiety I felt, my Career, my Business, my Life, but God will never give you too much to carry. And if He does, trust He’ll provide the capacity for you to carry it all.
Now I’m motivated more than ever to work, to build, to be the best me…because of her.
Encouraging all the new mothers out there, don’t lose yourself. A happy mummy is a happy child.
ASIYA IREDE you are my world. #MummyAsiya