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The Masai Giraffe, additionally referred to as the Maasai giraffe or the Kilimanjaro giraffe, is the biggest giraffe and highest terrestrial animal on the earth. It is a subspecies of the giraffe household and is native to East Africa. At current, the first menace to these ‘vulnerable’ giraffes is habitat loss because of the growing human inhabitants.

Masai Giraffe Scientific Classification

G. camelopardalis tippelskirchii
Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchii

Physical Description/Characteristics

Size: The males could be up to up to 19 ft tall, whereas the females can attain up to 16 ft.

Weight: The males can attain a most weight of 4,250 lb and the females, 2,600 lb.

Fur/hair/coat: They could be distinguished from different giraffes by the star-like reddish-brown blotched patterns on their physique that seem like oak leaves.

Eyes: Each of their eyes is the scale of a golf ball.

Tail: The tail is of a medium size that extends virtually up to the thighs with a tuft of black hairs on the tip.

Horns: Both the ####es have two hair-covered horns referred to as ‘ossicones’.

S*xual Dimorphism: Unlike the females, the males normally possess a median lump.


Masai giraffes can dwell up to 10 to 15 years within the wild and between 20 and 27 years in captivity (like within the zoo).

Range/Distribution & Habitat: Where do Masai Giraffes Live

Like different giraffe species, just like the reticulated giraffe, these giraffes are restricted solely to the continent of Africa, particularly to the savanna areas within the central and southern elements of Kenya, as additionally in Tanzania.


The Masai Giraffes dwell in herds comparatively smaller than different giraffes. The people, particularly the females, are fairly tolerant of one another. Male Masai giraffes can present aggression solely when it comes to mating or group management. However, throughout different occasions they not often work together with one another, however could make robust bonds with one another.

These animals will not be actually territorial in the true sense of the time period since they don’t have a tendency to shield their territories regularly except different herds of giraffes intrude inside their residence territory that may broaden over 50 miles.

These mammals spend more often than not feeding and grazing which might final something between 16 and 20 hours per day. When it comes to feeding, the males eat the highest branches of the bushes, not like their feminine counterparts that feed on the decrease ones. The mouths of these animals are comparatively smaller than the scale of their physique. Hence, whereas chewing with their blue or black tongue, they soak up small parts of food each time earlier than ingesting them slowly.

They want solely 5 to 30 minutes of sleep in a single day, whereas nonetheless standing, with quick naps within the center that final for 1 to 2 minutes. Though, at occasions, they relaxation mendacity down with their head and lengthy neck folded on the rump. Though these animals can’t name, they will hiss, whistle, roar, and moo.

Diet: What Do Masai Giraffes Eat

The food regimen chart of these herbivores is numerous and contains something from seasonal fruits and leaves to flowers, and even twigs.

Mating and Reproduction

The Masai giraffes would not have any explicit breeding season. Both the women and men attain the age of ####ual maturity between age Three and 5 years. The males, particularly, want up to seven years earlier than they mate for the primary time. This is, in actual fact, the time they purchase the bodily energy to battle and compete with different males. They show their dominance by hitting their necks round one another. This means of exhibiting energy known as ‘necking’, and may final for about 30-60 minutes.

Life Cycle

The variety of younger at delivery is normally one. However, delivery of twins does happen, although very uncommon. The gestation interval of the feminine is roughly 14 months. The means of giving delivery lasts something between two and 6 hours.

The male of the species known as the ‘bull’, whereas the feminine and the infant are referred to as the ‘cow’ and the ‘calf’, respectively. During delivery, the infant Masai giraffe is round 6 toes by peak, weighing up to 200 kilos. They are in a position to stroll inside about twenty minutes to an hour.

The feminine Masai giraffes are extremely protecting of the offspring and may throw highly effective kicks to enemies and predators if they struggle to come shut to the younger ones. During the primary few months from their delivery, the speed of mortality of the juveniles is as excessive as 75%.

The child Masai giraffes that may handle to survive the few preliminary months are eligible to be a part of the herd. The females of a herd handle the younger ones taking turns, whereas the opposite members feed. Before weaning, the infant giraffe suckles its mom’s milk for round a year.


  1. These animals can handle to swallow their favourite acacia leaves, though they’ve prickly thorns, with the assistance of their lengthy tongue and the thick saliva they produce.
  2. Since they get sufficient water from the leaves they eat, Masai giraffes can spend a number of days at a stretch with out ingesting.
  3. When required, they will take up to 10 gallons of water in a day.
  4. As a behavioral adaptation, the Masai giraffes have a tendency to dwell in such areas the place their meals comprise extra water in contrast to different locations.
  5. Because of the coloration of the spectacular physique spots, they will simply camouflage with their surroundings.


These giant animals are not often attacked by different carnivores, apart from the younger ones. The most typical predators of the Masai giraffes are lions, noticed hyenas and leopards. However, they’re additionally attacked by crocodiles at occasions, particularly when ingesting.

Conservation Status

With a lower of their inhabitants and the excessive mortality fee of the juveniles, the IUCN 3.1 has enlisted the Masai giraffe underneath their ‘VU’ (Vulnerable) species checklist.

Interesting Facts

  • At current, there are roughly 32,550 Masai giraffes within the wild.
  • They are in a position to eat about 75 kilos of food per day.
  • The native people used to name these giraffes ‘camel-leopard’ as a result of they’ve a hump on their again like a camel, and their jagged blotches resembled that of a leopard.
  • A blow or kick from each the male and the feminine is robust sufficient to break the cranium or backbone of a lion, and in some instances, even decapitate it.