Download Agidi Okan 2 Yoruba Movie (2019)

Download Agidi Okan 2 Yoruba Movie

Download Agidi Okan 2 Yoruba Movie. Watch & Download Agidi Okan 2 Latest Yoruba Movie 2018 Drama Starring Ireti Osayemi – Muyiwa Ademola.

What height of anger, hate, disdain and rift could make a father detest his first fruit so much that she is being pushed to the outside world that will either make or break her young innocent heart. Find out more.


Movie Runtime: 01:28:34 Minutes

Movie Rating: 4.28 / 5.0

Movie Likes: 442

Uploaded date: 2018-09-04 10:30:00


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36 thoughts on “Download Agidi Okan 2 Yoruba Movie (2019)

  1. I like the story but the end does not make too much sense…the bad daughter killed the good one, for what? so what was the usefulness of all the dreams? that seems like aseju haba! a bad child killing a good one, no parent will want to still see that bad child knowing they killed their sibling let alone begging for her not to do jail time…

  2. Why are most people blaming the Dad? Yes he was extremely upset…but could she not try and change her ways at least to convince her Dad?
    Her Mom did show much love and attention… More than most Naija moms which should have been enough for her to change.After all said and done… it was ALL for her own good.
    Even her wayward friends from Prison changed for the better, respecting their parents and tried convincing her do so but to no avail.
    She is just a bad girl who refused to change!
    Rubbish ending…the girl on her own without outside influence was a horrible and evil child.

  3. Tiresimi Father is the cause of all these problem,too harsh haba. This is not the way to change her daughter. Nice and educative movie.

  4. A wise person once said " There is no bad student, there can only be a bad teacher" tiresimi and the sister are both individuals and the father should have done a better job understanding that they both respond to parenting styles differently. I blame the father for the daughter's behavior.. All I see is a young girl confused and looking for love. Being harsh should be timely

  5. Lessons to all parents, as yoruba adage says' omo buruku ose le fekun paje . Ani foju sunkun awon omo wa o. Kudos to apatatv

  6. What I see about this movie is that, parents or a parent mustn't be too rigid and unbending in trying to inculcate discipline in thier children especially when such child is hell-bent in becoming wayward. Because I could remember that that lady in particular with her younger sister went to apologize to their father one day, but instead he lambasted and chased her away with so much anger and hatred. Therefore it's good to be principled and disciplinary as parents but not to the detriment of destroying or aggregating . Lessons to learn here.

  7. A great lesson learnt.Agidi okan,Tiresimi took after her father.Ireti is a good mother.Muyiwa is too strict.Huumm,sad end.

  8. The father is the cause of all this….he should have not be behaving like that to his own daughter.

  9. The story of my elder sister… my mum did worse than what the father did…. but to God be the glory, she's happily married and well to do now…

  10. I can blame the father as well because Omo eni ole buru kale fekun pa, true the girl is very stubborn but you're still are father, look at the result now you realize that you have only two very interesting movie tnx 4 the upload ✌️

  11. Can’t believe everyone is blaming her father… what ever the case is you don’t kill ur sister…the girl is just annoying. Making mistakes and being corrected. U have to proof dem wrong by being a better person.

  12. Yes the dad overreacted but that shouldn’t justify the daughters actions. Rather, she should try her possible best to prove her dad wrong instead she proved her dad right but misbehaving. Both parents weren’t harsh towards her. The mom tried to help her she didn’t listen. In my opinion she deserves to go to jail. She is responsible for her own actions.

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