Download Iran Keta Yoruba Movie (2019)

Download Iran Keta Latest Yoruba Movie

Download Iran Keta Latest Yoruba Movie. Watch & Download Iran Keta Latest Yoruba Movie 2019 Drama Starring Bimbo Oshin – Laide Bakare – Adeniyi Johnson.

The musical career chosen by Femi is forbidden by his mother while his wife insists he pursue his dreams but there is more than meet the eyes in the journey of his greatness. Find out more.
This movie features Bimbo Oshin, Laide Bakare, Adeniyi Johnson, Adebayo Salami, Segun Ogungbe..


Movie Runtime: 1:25:38 Minutes

Movie Rating: 4.88 / 5.0

Movie Likes: 118

Uploaded date: 2019-10-10 10:00:09

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23 thoughts on “Download Iran Keta Yoruba Movie (2019)

  1. the people from the 70s realy enjoyed good music, that was one nice gbedu by oga bello, and there was something particularly spiritual about that scene. I develop goose bumps when those souls from beyond were rising to join the party….
    but ogun laye sha.

  2. This movie reveal a great depth of life. It's important that we think upon the consequence of a matter behind our decision before we take it. Vanity upon vanity. What is the way out for Femi now?? An innocent boy. May God deliver us from all the generational curses in Jesus mighty name amen. This is a great lesson to learn. Waiting for part 2. Kudos to the producer, cast and crew. Thanks for the upload.

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