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Download Kosidariji Yoruba Movie. New Release Yoruba Movie 2019 KOSIDARIJI Starring Ayo Adesanya - Ladi Folarin - Ayo Olaiya.

This New Yoruba Movie is a story about how people have turned to money rituals to get RICH overnight. The entertainment industry and musical celebrities, in particular, normalize Yahoo-Yahoo, Yahoo-Plus which also know as money ritual and drug addiction through various social platforms is becoming alarming. Nearly every young person in Nigeria is looking for any get rich quick scheme and most of the time end up into yahoo plus know as money ritual. The blind eye that the elite and the government turn to these attitudes have allowed it escalate to an uncontrollable level in our society.

Many New Yoruba movies have dramatized the dangers of getting involved in money rituals. Because this Yahoo Plus of a thing is so trending, it has to become Yoruba New Release Movies 2019 plots. The contrast of these matters in the entertainment is that as much as the producers of the Watch the movie now

New Yoruba Movies out there are using their platform and there movies to condemning all these young people action about money rituals, its as much as the music industry and celebrities are encouraging it through there music and it is very saddened. Almost every song now has content that hails who become rich overnight and bought so call millennium Mercedes Benz and they are also become a celebrity themselves and throw lavish parties or spray dollars endlessly at social events. I should also quickly tell that all these millennium Mercedes Benz owners are often school dropouts, unemployed graduates or roadside hawkers. I know unemployment have contributed a lot to this recent development in our society, false hope that the politician promise has become tools of frustration that lead the youths to the journey of no return.
We need to change our attitude towards money acquired. All Nigerians at all levels, from the public offices, religious centers to marketplaces, worship money. We put too much pressure on ourselves that once we reach the top of the ladder, so much is expected of us materially and financially, which tends to push to the elastic limits. These often manifest in stealing public money, inflating contract budgets, engaging in dirty deals or going into Internet fraud and money rituals.



Duration: 1:27:26
Rating: nan / 5.0
Uploaded date: 2019-07-13 14:33:53
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