Download Olofin 2 Latest Yoruba Movie (2019)

Download Olofin 2 Latest Yoruba Movie

Download Olofin 2 Latest Yoruba Movie. Watch & Download Olofin 2 Latest Yoruba Movie 2019 Epic Drama Starring Kemi Afolabi – Murphy Afolabi.

A strange occurrence has infiltrated the palace that will usurp the throne and exile the king. To avert this looming calamity, the village priest and the king have some scores to settle. Find out more.


Movie Runtime: 00:57:01 Minutes

Movie Rating: 4.71 / 5.0

Movie Likes: 240

Uploaded date: 2019-03-25 10:45:01


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34 thoughts on “Download Olofin 2 Latest Yoruba Movie (2019)

  1. The writer deserves an award. This is how a storyline and history should be told. Job well-done to the writer, cast and crew for the best Yoruba film ever. Please preserve this movie for future generation. It should be taken to IMBD. KUDOS TO APATA TV. APATA KO NI DILE

  2. Hmmm Because of greediness Opele lost his family, even d wealth yu greed for, yu never enjoy it wit a peaceful heart, nawa ooo how some people can be wicked, he fake a false prophesy not minding or redraw even wen d evil prophecy land on his wife… And for his friend who Also turn a statue bcos of him…. Nice movie

  3. Sad to know Opele had lied and ruined his entire family. Sad to see his friend Ebun Oloyede becomes deity for another persons offence. Greediness is a bad thing in life. Lesson be happy with the position God has put you and everything God has bless you with. We come with nothing and we go with nothing. Very nice film, kudus to all crew❤️❤️

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