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Mp3 Download: Barzini x Rayce - Mumu Button

Mp3 Download Mumu Button feat. Rayce

Mp3 download Mumu Button feat. Rayce mp3 download. Play & download Mumu Button feat. Rayce

First official single off Barzini forthcoming mix tape “SMH Tha Mixtape” and this right here is his first official single called Mumu Button (BSKG – Bad Sharp Koro Guy) featuring Rayce. This is that song that grows on you,that song that makes you wanna dance wherever you hear it and has been making rounds in major clubs around the country.

With Rayce on the hook and bridge,what else do you expect. More to come from this 19year undergraduate. Video shoot for Mumu button comes up by mid february. Barzini is currently managed by Gold Strings Inc.

Quick Mp3 Details

Music Title: Mumu Button

Music Artist: Barzini & Rayce

Zone: Nigerian

Music Genre: Afro/Pop/Dance

Music Runtime: < 5 Minutes

Music Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

Music Likes: 13

Uploaded date: 2020-09-25 08:35:00

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