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: Seyi Shay – Crazy

: Seyi Shay – Crazy music mp3.

Seyi Shay reached new heights with her single Murda, and now she’s being mentioned with the best of the best in Nigeria. With that comes the big task of following the single up with one close to the same level.

The new single, Crazy is not quite up to where Murda is, but that has more to do with the latter being such a mad jam than anything. Legendury Beatz did a sick one on this beat, and really Seyi Shay with her vocal ability just had to do what she does best. Deliver. WizKid on the track? Ended up working very well. Almost the perfect Zig to Seyi’s Zag, and you know Wizzy always brings a certain spice to songs even when he’s not really trying.

Lyrically it’s not the best of them we’ll hear, with lines like “Boy you’re my lover, you’re my sweetie sugar” that we’ve heard in different variations so many times in different songs, but with the way it’s delivered and the entire package of the song, it’s easy to forget the lyrics and just enjoy the song. Plus with the flawless way Seyi Shay delivered “You tell me jump baby, I say how high baby” you can forgive the generic lines.

Overall it’s good song, that’s already sitting in my playlist 🙂




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