Home MP3 Download Mp3 Download: Isolate - Sanlori ft. 9ice

Mp3 Download: Isolate - Sanlori ft. 9ice

Mp3 Download Mp3 Download:Isolate - Sanlori ft. 9ice

Mp3 download Isolate - Sanlori ft. 9ice mp3 download. Play & download Isolate - Sanlori ft. 9ice

We did not see this collaboration coming! Despite the striking similarities between Isolate and 9ice and the raging criticism the former has faced because of it, both singers teamed up to deliver a stellar duet titled “Sanlori” and finally quenched the hidden thirst of music followers.

Is there power in numbers? Listen to “Sanlori” and tell us if it hits the bulls-eye.

Quick Mp3 Details

Music Title: Sanlori

Music Artist: Isolate ft. 9ice

Zone: Nigerian

Genre: Afro/Pop

Music Runtime: < 5 Minutes

Music Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

Music Likes: 13

Uploaded date: 2020-09-21 18:55:07

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