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Mp3 Download: Rayce – Tested Ok

Mp3 Download Rayce – Tested Ok

Mp3 download Rayce Tested Ok mp3 download. Play & download Rayce – Tested Ok

Tested Ok Lyrics

They call me rayce
Mumcy mi o bi mo ode
Won bi mo de e
She didn’t raise no fool
Mi den shey omo ase
Iya mi o bi mo ode o

So I sing
Tested ok lomo lomo lomo jo
Loke lomo lomo jo

Verse 1
Tested ok ni mumcy mi bi
As a bad sharp koro guy mogbe lori
Mama aint raise no fool
Mi o den shey omo ase
E dey wo o
We just getting started
A shen mu eye bo lapo
The pocket rating
What are we celebrating
Won fe se eleya
Ton te afigba ton te
Dem wan push me o won te

Baba ba mi shey aye mi
Ke mi jeniyan o
Lodun modun kodun

Verse 2
Expensive lomo lati le
Just wanna catch my fun
And do what I wanna till the break of dawn
Won le le won ba
Won wa won wa won ri
No dulling
See rozay dey cry and pocket smiling
O ni kin ma ni so ma ti e leyin
I drive the wheel of God that’s my motto
So follow me sing the song


Quick Mp3 Details

Music Title: Rayce – Tested Ok

Music Artist: Rayce

Zone: Nigerian

Music Genre: Afro/Pop/Dance

Music Runtime: < 5 Minutes

Music Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

Music Likes: 13

Uploaded date: 2020-09-25 08:34:22

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