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Lyrics: Lil Wayne ♪ Fly Away Lyrics

Fly Away Lyrics

Lyrics to "Fly Away" by Lil Wayne. Check out the complete Lyrics to Lil Wayne song titled "Fly Away", read the error-free lyearical note now. "Fly Away" musical Lyrics and textual note. Find the right word in the right order, Lil Wayne's "Fly Away" Lyrics.

Fly Away Lyrics

[Intro – DJ Drama]
Ahem. I’d like for you to take this time
And remember where you was the first time you heard Dedication
If I asked you how many times you listened to D2, could you tell me?
Dedication 3 was the first mixtape you heard when we had a black president
D4 and 5, we got back to business
Y’all done copied the rhymes, y’all done stole the artwork, tried to emulate my s--t-talking
Weezy & Dram’ – We are the Mixtape Blueprint
Hahaha. You welcome
A Dedication!

[Verse 1]
I got doja, narcotics & actavis as DNA
Got a d--e hoe nympho and your b---h laying next to me and bae
Easy like NWA, they make me feel a-ok
Feeling like Tony, grrreat
Feeling all on me, TSA
She got dollars, nut, and alcohol all over her T&A
She snort all this KKK and this Brodney ay, ay, ay
Let’s enjoy some NBA, y’all lil boys NCAA
Yeah we got A-M-M-O but you get beat like MMA
I got Dracos, ninos, automatics, that my DNA
You get beat like Sugar Ray, TKO, OHH
I smoke O’s, I sip Ace, I pop hoes, Xanies straight
I got P’s, I got weight, I got keys, I got gates

I got moon rock, molly, ecstacy, inside this weed, it’s laced
I smoke doobies, don’t smoke J’s, don’t watch movies, don’t go to plays
I watch cuties, p--n and play, I got uzis on the way
I don’t be choosey, I don’t be safe, I don’t get woozy, I get the waist
My b---h balling like Zhané, Erykah Badu with the fade
Capital W-NBA, I just teach her how to save
I been sleeping with my AK with my finger ’round her waist
I been dreaming I caught a body that’s a sweet dreams you won’t taste
Give the American dream to a b---h that wasn’t from the USA
That’s the land of the Free, it’s the home of AJ
Got a whole brick of some yay, I put one line on the plate
She gon’ take it to the face like (thin line between love and hate)
I got dealers n’ associates, call that my DNA
All these diamonds, all this gold and s--t, call that PB&J
I got Bloods in LA, I got Bloods down in the A

I got Bloods everywhere you lay but ain’t no blood in my filet
Hit the court, shoot the DA, treat beef like USDA
OMW to your trap, *blap* now I’ll be on my way
I got plugs, ain’t gotta pay, I got s--t I ain’t gotta say
I got cribs way out of state, ain’t got no more pocket space
Sipping slo-mo at my pace, lean like I wear a brace
Queens wanna be embraced, kings want a B&H
I remember Ace of Spades, I remember that Goose is Grey
Now it’s Bumbu by the case, n---a, f--k you, fly away
Sick s--t, blrrrp

[Break – DJ Drama]
To the culture that Tunechi birthed
To the sons and daughters of Weezy
Y’all n----s still watching a master at work

[Verse 2 – Lil Wayne]
I already got the ganja
I already got the Fanta
All-black like Uganda
Hair back like E. Honda, wait
Hardhat like a condom
Your skull crack, then we crowned ya
Shark-bite to a flounder
Bar-fight to a bouncer, wait
All Franks like Sinatra
Face been painted, they ain’t never clowned him
Everybody raking cash like it’s autumn
Y’all is sweeter than Whatchamacallit
All y’all take a seat on this toilet
Y’all ain’t s--t but y’all p--s-poor and
Sitting in the foreign like I’m on a Harley

Keep bloodsuckers away with the garlic
Alone in a mansion, I’m Macaulay Culkin
Thought about your coffin and started barfing
Thought about your offsprings, how they prolly starving
Thought about this artful s--t, how I’m so thoughtful
Walking on the marble, feeling like Ricardo
Walking ’round like the (?)
Shoutout my n---a Swizz, n----s getting smarter
Tryna hit the books and n---a hit the target
Sitting on the charter, talking ’bout the targets
Waiting on departure, waiting on a sculpture
Make sure my vultures keep it extra cultured
Make sure my Barbie keep an extra Barbie

My d--k is her electric chair, feel the voltage
And her p---y better smell like a orchid
Wetter than a wishing well, need a quarter
D--n, I wish I was a lil bit taller
D--n, I wish I drank a lil more water
D--n, my weed stank a lil more harder
D--n, I pull up with a redbone, scarlet
With a yellowbone car and smoke green, that’s Marley
Purple and orange, you seen, that’s horror
No Eve in my garden, F-R-uh, F-R-uh (?)
All the Gs in my corner, them boys so warriors
Believe we deserve every leaf in the forest
Kis and quarters, yeah ya homie had quarters
Borderline hoarder, you a mortal, I report ’em
World on my shoulders but it’s lighter than a clover
I’m your b---h baby, homie, tie it in a stroller
Sister sold soul and got white like Crayola

Nut like granola all in your b---h rollers
You never been to jail, ain’t never been in a Corolla
Then I roll a blunt ’bout as thick as a Samoan
This is that 6 s--t, the sickness is showing
The sickness is spreading, the disease is growing
The b-----s is hoeing, the witnesses knowing
The dollars are torn, they fishing for coins
I continue going, I get to the boar
And I rip off his horns, six in the morning
Then I just yawn and forget to mourn
And give to the star, it’s 6, the reward