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LYRICS: Janess - Andikan (Victorious God)

You’re the God of heaven and earth You reign
You’re the One who parted the red sea into two
You’re God
You’re God….
When I call your name
Demons have to bow
Even Angels bow before You
Nothing can withstand your power ooo..

Afodi Andikan..
Afodi Andikan..
Afodi Andikan…

You’re the God of Wonders and Power
You reign
Whatever You say shall surely come to pass you reign Amen!!
You reign, you reign
We don’t have to fear
Its all your care
You know our tomorrow nothing can defile yeah!
You reign

Afodi Andikan..
Afodi Andikan..
Afodi Andikan..

You are the God everything
All of my life You have never failed me Lord
Me lord…
You win the battle everywhere call on his name and He’ll never let you down ooo…
When he roars like a lion
All his enemies Will scatter you are the only God
No power is greater than
All I know all I know
You are the one
You are the one
You are the victorious God
Atobiju ..
Afodi Andikan….