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Lyrics: Prodigal son - TGIFreeboy

Lyrics: Prodigal son - TGIFreeboy Music Lyrics


Eih! You Gat Freeboy on this one (Selah)

Verse 1:
I woke up one morning
Walked up to Dad after yawning
I said “Daddy, Pay me off my money!”
He laughed ’cause I sounded so funny
Then he turned back and looked at mommy
I said “I wanna move out of this house before it’s sunny!
‘Cause I know there’s a life outside there that tastes like honey
And all I ever wanted is a life sweet and yummy”
I never knew that was my first step of falling
Mom walked up to me and whispered “Darling,
You don’t know what’s out there, I hear the demons snarling”
Then I said “All I see is a bright future sparkling”
Then I packed up not minding, God was watching
Mom said “Life ain’t about rushing,
You might end up seeing your own blood gushing”
I looked at the pain on her face and I said nothing.

Now, I am the prodigal son
Na me be the progial son
I’m back to you saying
Have mercy on me, I know I lied
Have mercy on me, Let my sins slide
Have mercy on me, take me to thy side
I was lost in the wilderness, I coulda died
Have mercy on me, Although I tried
Have mercy on me, I sold my pride
Later I realized, All I did was cried
On the road to success, I lost my ride

Verse 2:
Na as goat stand for market na hin them go price am
E be like person whey buy bread whey wan use scissors slice am
Na ojukokoro na hin been dey do me
Plus all my friends whey been dey fool me
But now, Na my sufferings bellefull me
See as I dey look everything now, like say na movie
Even fertilizer no fit make ugwu grow for clay soil
I’ve been through alot and yet I stayed strong
Do I need to be sick before you treat me well?
Do I need to praise you first make your head swell?
Finally! I heard Jesus talking
Now I realize all my yokes are broken