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Lyrics: Vector - Tetracycling (M.I Abaga Diss)

Vector Tetracycline Lyrics

Who be me?

Who be me?


Uhnnn look

All liars go to hell, guess am bringing the fire

I see u have dogs, am bringing some lions…

Mr incredible I hear watin u talk ooo

But u know lyricist on the roll is based on the bars tho

Will shock u like Snapchat, I tap before the shot

I hold it down for the video now everybody else gat to watch…

Rappers talking bout the gully, the guts and the glory

Don’t be side jabbing, you’ve been to Lafiaji so you know me

Didn’t you tell me all the crap rappers-they weren’t the future of rapp

If u keep your gun with the enemy he will shoot u with that…

And look, you young clown better know your papa

You get your lines online you’re a Konga rapper

And Instagram no be house, y’all soft and truly hating

Taking shots on my posts, turn off notifications

You see na this kind line wey we dry yarn, wet dry win

Best rapper lyricist, and I don’t hav to make a scene

That why one freestyle wey dey make you dry vex for me… *Shuuu*

When I been dry gamble all the line shey u dey bet for me… *Shuuu*

Abi na u pay school fees when I dey Greg’s for me… *Shuuu*

Get off my man hood, Eyin wey shey eyin le pon mi

(Interlude) Master!

Look! First warning, am the one you don’t want to confront

And if you like peace am the one you want to run from

Barrack boy, yes I know where to get a gun from

And I never miss so if you dunk am playing dunk hunt

King Kong, yo that’s the reason they call me that’s

Being pussy is a joke and I can never be a funny cat

Heat when am coming through, I be live oven

You feeling free am Morgan Freeman put ***

See my neck will never cut, and my rap will never suck

But if I ever ever suck, my girls legs will be wide open…

To ba je ti rap, laye laye e le chance eh

Okukun sho gbogbo yin e de le moo plans eh

O le call pe ko ki iyawo eh, pe ko Thank eh,

Wipee Ko ma worry omodo ti lo fo pant eh

I know a lot of you know am of a sick nature

Awon eleyi to sign Lafiaji ni signature

You hear!

Warning shot, coming through

A lot of Nigga, What wrong with you?