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Ukwuani Postal/Zip codes (Delta State)

Ukwuani Postal/Zip codes (Delta State) in Nigeria. Get Ukwuani Postal/Zip codes (Delta State). Full List And Correct Zip Postal Code Digits.

Postal Codes In Nigeria Are Numeric, Consisting Of Six Digits. See all Ukwuani Postal/Zip codes (Delta State) below:

Ukwuani Local Government Area (LGA) of Delta State, Nigeria, has several Districts which all make use of different postal or zip codes.

Here are the postcodes for towns within Ukwuani LGA:


Locations within Okoku-Uno make use of 322114 as their postcode.


Location Postcode
Amai-Nge 322109
Ishikaguma 322109
Umubu 322109
Umuekum 322109
Umuosele 322109


Location Postcode
Adonishaka 322113
Ebedei-Uno 322113
Obi-Ebedei 322113
Umuezogoli 322113


Location Postcode
Eziokpor-Uno 322110
Obi-Ugbe 322110
Umuoshi 322110


Areas located in Ezionum make use of 322107 as their postal code.


Areas located in Obiarumu make use of 322112 as their postcode.


Locations within Umuebu make use of 322108.


Location Postcode
Obinomba 322111
Owah Abbi 322111
Umukwata-Uno 322111


Locations within Umutu make use of 322115.

Postal codes in Nigeria are made up of six numeric digits, the first digit is the regional code with the last three digits representing the delivery location mostly a post office or an urban area.

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