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Uyo LGA Postal/Zip Codes (Akwa Ibom State)

Uyo LGA Postal/Zip Codes (Akwa Ibom State) in Nigeria. Get Uyo LGA Postal/Zip Codes (Akwa Ibom State). Full List And Correct Zip Postal Code Digits.

Postal Codes In Nigeria Are Numeric, Consisting Of Six Digits. See all Uyo LGA Postal/Zip Codes (Akwa Ibom State) below:

Uyo local government area (LGA), Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, has 5 Wards which all use different postal/zip codes.

Here are the postal/zip codes for Uyo:


Areas within Offot use the same:

Location Postcode
Afaha Offot 520101
Ikot Okubo 520101
Aka Offot 520101
Nsukara Offot 520101
Annua Oboo 520101
Obio Offot 520101
Anua Obio Offot 520101
Use Atai 520101
Anua Offot 520101
Use Ikot Ebio 520101
Atan Offot 520101
Use Offot 520101
Effiat Offot 520101
Uyo Offot 520101
Ekpri Nsukara 520101
Eniong Offot 520101
Ewet Offot 520101
Ibiaku Offot 520101
Iboko 520101
Ikot Anyang 520101
Ikot Ekpe Offot 520101
Ikot Ntueh Offot 520101
Ikot Oku Ido Offot 520101


Some areas within Oku do not use the same postcode. See table below for your exact area:

Location Postcode
Ikot Oku 520103
Ikot Udoro 520103
Nduetong Oku 520103
Nung Edong Ediene 520103
Nung Obio Enang Idoro 520103
Nung Udoe Ediene 520103
Nung Uyo Idoro 520103
Ikot Ebido 520103
Ikot Ntuen-Oku 520103
Afaha Idoro 520103
Afaha Oku 520103
Iba Oku 520103
Ikot Akpan Ediene 520103
Ikot Akpan Oku 520103
Ika Oku 520109
Ikot Abiyak 520109
Ikot Adakpan 520109
Ikot Antuen 520109
Ikot Eka Iko 520109
Ikot Esia 520109
Ikot Essien 520109
Ikot Ntu Oku 520109
Settlements 520109

Uyo town

Uyo town has several postal codes you can use at your discretion:

Location Postcode
Faha Oku Akpon 520211
Military Office Iba Oku 520212
Catholic Secretary 520221
Akpan Street 520222
Housing Estate Ewet 520231
Ewet Village 520232
Itiam Ikot Abia 520241
Uyo Market 520251
Iboko 520261
School of Art and Science 520271


Areas within Etoi use the same:

Location Postcode
Miabong Ikot 520102
Obio Etoi 520102
Obot Obom Etoi 520102
Ifa Atai 520102
Mbak Ikot Ebo 520102
Ifa Ikot 520102
Mbiabong Anyanya 520102
Ifa Ikot Abia Ntuen 520102
Mbiabong Ikot Abasi 520102
Ifa Ikot Akpan 520102
Mbiabong Ikot-Antem 520102
Ifa Ikot Akpan Abia 520102
Ifa Ikot Idang 520102
Ifa Ikot Obong 520102
Ifa Ikot Ubo 520102
Ifa Ikot-Akpabio 520102
Ifa Ikot-Okpon 520102
Ikot Abasi Nkpo 520102
Ikot Inyang Idung 520102
Itiam Etoi 520102
Itian Ikot Ebia 520102
Mbak Akpan Ekpenyong 520102
Mbak Ikot Abasi 520102


Some areas within Ikono use different code. Check the table below for your exact location:

Location Postcode
Ikot Ayan 520104
Nung Ukim 520104
Ikot Ebo 520104
Ikot Eboro 520104
Ikot Edung 520104
Ikot Ekpeyak 520104
Ikot Enyienge 520104
Ikot Iton 520104
Ikot Mbong 520104
Ikot Nsung 520104
Ikot Obio Mkpon 520104
Ikot Offiong 520104
Ikot Ofong 520104
Ikot Oku Ikono 520104
Mbiabong 520104
Anan Ikono 520104
Minya Ikono 520104
Ikot 520104
Nung Asang 520104
Ikot Akpa Nsek 532107
Ikot Akpakpan 532107
Ikot Edek 532107
Ikot Iya 532107
Ikot Obio Ema 532107
Ikot Odong 532107
Ikot Udo Nta 532107
Ikpe Atai 532107
Ikpe-Ikot-Akwa 532107
Inen Ikot Okpo 532107
Nto Edet 532107
Nto Unang 532107
Nung Oko Ikot 532107
Nwot Ikono 532107

Postal codes in Nigeria are made up of six numeric digits, the first digit is the regional code with the last three digits representing the delivery location mostly a post office or an urban area.

That's all Uyo LGA Postal/Zip Codes (Akwa Ibom State)