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What does OG means and stands for?

OG meaning and definitons.

OG or O.G! What does it stands for? Where did OG originated? Is it just an acronym, phrase or slang?

Have you ever wondered what OG means? Keep calm and read through this web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of OG (OG acronym/abbreviation/slang word).

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OG Meanings / OG Definitions:

The slang OG initially means "Original Gangster" and sometimes also as "Old Git", although it is also used in speeches by some people nowadays as a quicker way of saying Original.

More Meaning for OG

OG or O.G might be used in more subjects or discourse than what we highlighted above. Why not tap in more meaning, definition or insight to what OG / O.G means below.

OG meaning wrap

The definition or meaning of OG is "Original Gangster", "Old Git"; "Original", "Own Goal" or "Offensive Guard".

What is the full meaning of OG? What does OG stands for? OG as an acronym, abbreviation, phrase or slang word is now explained above.

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