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Quick facts about Riverine Rabbit

Riverine Rabbit facts and knowledge - This rabbit lives in one of many few areas of the Karoo Desert appropriate for conversion to agriculture, and in consequence has misplaced nearly all its habitat to farming.

Less than 250 people survive, and all happen on privately owned land the place they arrive beneath additional stress from looking, trapping, and predation by feral canines and cats.

An extraordinarily gradual breeder (for a rabbit), the species is discovering it virtually not possible to get well from these losses, and is in determined want of conservation consideration.

The order Lagomorpha comprises two households, the Ochotonidae (pikas) and Leporidae (rabbits and hares). These households are thought to have diverged in the course of the late Eocene, 35-38 million years in the past.

The Leporidae contains two teams: the jackrabbits and hares of the genus Lepus, and the rabbits within the remaining ten genera. Recent molecular knowledge signifies that the majority rabbit and hare genera arose from a single speedy diversification occasion in the course of the Miocene (between 12 and 16 million years in the past). Bunolagus monticularis is the only species within the genus Bunolagus.

Head and physique size: 337-470 mm:
Tail size: 70-108 mm:
Ear size: 107-124 mm
Weight: 1.0-1.5 kg

This species has massive moveable ears, and will be simply recognized by the darkish brown stripe working from the nook of the mouth and across the cheek in the direction of the bottom of the ear. Its limbs are quick and closely furred, and it has a broad club-like hind foot. Its fur is cream-coloured on the stomach and throat, and it has a uniformly brown woolly tail. Male riverine rabbits weigh roughly 1.5 kg and females 1.eight kg.