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Download Quickteller App for BlackBerry

Download Quickteller App for BlackBerry 1

Download Quickteller app for blackberry for faster transaction. This is Quickteller full fledge know how instructions, Download Quickteller mobile app for android. Learn how to make transfer, buy airtime, pay dstv bills, etc.
You’ve already got started with your online journey and have already signed up on different marketplaces and e-platforms or just want to transfer money from one bank to the other or maybe you want to recharge your phone.
Any which way, you are probably wanting to make transaction, pay bills or transfer money. Then, there comes Quickteller.

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What you can do on Quickteller app

Quickteller app basically allows you to buy airtime, make payments, pay bills, deposit money to any e-wallets and send money. It's been a while since Quickteller was launched in Nigeria and widely known.
The numerous services offered by Quickteller on their mobile app is quite worthwhile.
So for those who also wants to send money from one bank to another, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of going to a remotely located bank or get stucked in the weekend.
Be that as it may, with Quickteller app, you can:

Paying Subscription on Quickteller

Quickteller service gives you a convenient way of paying for different services including paying for your cable television subscription such as DSTV. It also offers direct payment to billers such as PHCN, Swift and you can also do cash transfer just to name a few.
Basically ,there are two ways you can pay for your DSTV subscription with QuickTeller.
The first is using any available ATM that has the Quickteller feature on it and the second is using your internet enabled device to make payment.

Download Quickteller Mobile App

For a faster and convenient transaction on Quickteller, it is advisable to use their mobile applications designed for customers. It has a superb user interface and very easy to use.Just Download the Quickteller mobile app for android below.

Download Quickteller App for BlackBerry

Pay DSTV Subscription At ATM Using Quickteller

Pay for DSTV Subscriptions with Quickteller Online

While doing this, please ensure that the decoder is switched on and if you are walking to the nearest ATM kindly put on your generator as there may be power failure from PHCN and your subscription may not be activated after payment.
You can Download Quickteller mobile applications for effective payment also.
If you're still forced to pay or transfer money as a result of unavailability of devices to make transactions. You can gracefully walk in to any Quickteller Paypoint outlet to carry out your desired transaction.

Quickteller Paypoint

Quickteller Paypoint is a ubiquitous one-stop service shop or outlet that provides electronic payment solutions to the under-banked, through agents who earn exciting commissions and other incentives.
It has over 16,000 agents, who are spread across the country offering various financial services to customers, such as: bill payment, funds transfer, cash deposits, cash withdrawals, and airtime top-up at no extra charges.
Before now, customers were required to pay a fee of N100 on each payment transaction, but Quickteller has now paired with some of the organisation’s biller partners to bear the transaction cost. As a result, customers can now make most of their transactions at no additional cost to them.
While this takes off the burden of transaction fees from the customers, it has been carefully processed to safeguard Quickteller Paypoint agents, such that they are able to retain their customary commission and other incentives.

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