R-Kelly moved out of solitary confinement to general population

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R-Kelly has finally been moved out of solitary confinement into the general population cell in a Chicago prison.

According to , saying he had been unfairly treated behind bars because he was a celebrity and he was only kept in solitary by prison officials as a form of punishment.

The general population is normally considered more dangerous, especially for high-profile inmates but his attorney claims there are going to be security measures in place that should keep his client safe.

R-Kelly’s transfer sparked an irate letter from Chicago prosecutors, who claimed the embattled R&B legend wanted to be in solitary confinement in the first place.

“Defendant stated that the MCC staff told him that he could ‘try it [general population] in a couple of days to see what it looked like but they can’t guarantee nothing,’” prosecutors wrote, quoting from a recorded phone call Kelly made on July 19 from Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, where he’s awaiting trial on child porn charges.

R. Kelly allegedly expressed fear during the call, saying: “You know, and that’s why, I was like, hmmm, too many people up on you and I done seen too many movies, you know.”

We’re told R. Kelly will now be allowed 10 non-attorney visits instead of the previously allowed one. He’ll also have a longer leash for phone calls and emails.