See First Fox Characters We’ll See In The Marvel Cinematic Universe (Video)

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 Marvel Theory: These Are The First Fox Characters We'll See In The MCU

Marvel Theory: These Are The First Fox Characters We’ll See In The MCU.

Here’s who we predict would be the first characters to transition from Fox to Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Disney’s latest acquisition of Fox comes with an thrilling consequence – the Marvel characters previously restricted to appearances within the X-Men and Fantastic Four movies at the moment are honest sport to be used within the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

That leaves Marvel Studios with an enviable drawback: which of these heroes, villains, mutants, aliens and cosmic entities do they introduce to their enormously popular comedian book film franchise first?

Well, primarily based on character recognition, ease of integration and quite a lot of different logical elements, we predict we are able to make an informed guess or two!

So, on this video, we’ll be looking on the former Fox characters who we imagine will seem first within the MCU!

The characters we imagine are in rivalry to be the primary to make an look within the Marvel Cinematic Universe are; Professor X, Magneto, Apocalypse, the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom, Kang the Conqueror, Galactus, the Silver Surfer (or, presumably, different Heralds of Galactus) and Deadpool.

But, in fact, there have been lots of of characters Marvel Studios could not beforehand use of their movies as a result of Fox had the rights to them – so we would love to hear from you concerning who YOU assume is perhaps the primary ones to seem in Marvel’s flagship film franchise. Do you assume it will be somebody we’ve not talked about or considered?

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