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Shagari Postal / Zip Codes (Sokoto State)

Shagari Postal or Zip Codes (Sokoto State) in Nigeria. Get Shagari Postal or Zip Codes (Sokoto State). Full List And Correct Zip Postal Code Digits.

Postal Codes In Nigeria Are Numeric, Consisting Of Six Digits. See all Shagari Postal or Zip Codes (Sokoto State) below:

Shagari is one of the twenty-three (23) Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Sokoto State, Nigeria.

Locations within the LGA make use of the same postal or zip code.

Here’s the postcode for areas in Shagari:

Location Postcode
Doruwa 851103
Gangam 851103
Kajiji 851103
Lambara 851103
Lungu 851103
Mandera 851103
Rugga 851103
Sanyinnawal 851103
Shagari 851103
Tunya dole 851103
Aggur 851103
Bulanyaki 851103

Postal codes in Nigeria are made up of six numeric digits, the first digit is the regional code with the last three digits representing the delivery location mostly a post office or an urban area.

That's all Shagari Postal or Zip Codes (Sokoto State)

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