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Slimcase Songs List and Albums

Slimcase songs

List of Slimcase's songs exclusive. Oluwafemi Oladapo Oko-Eko by stage name Slimcase and by street moniker "Otunba Lamba", is one of the fastest growing Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter from Lagos State, Ikorodu precisely. He performs in both English and his native language, Yoruba.

Lately, he is considered one of the finest talent in Nigeria music industry especially when it comes to Voice of the Street artiste. Renowned for his exceptional street slang "Lamba" and musical signatory highlighting what the street is made of.

Slimcase is from the streets, and, his songs 'Oshozondi’ and ‘Shepeteri’ is really pushing for mainstream penetration as part of the viral ‘Shaku shaku’ movement and wave currently dominating Nigerian music.

Slimcase having recorded his first ever track by a close friend in Lagos back then in 2011 as unbelievably wax stronger in the music scene. Be that as it may, Slimcase is now dishing out what's worth listening to and with this in mind shall we follow his music tracks and albums. Below is the list of Slimcase songs so far.

Slimcase Songs List

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