LovingYou! 30 Crazy Loving You SMS To Text Next


Loving You is my habit not a choice.

Just LovingYou! Crazily craving for your love. LovingYou? Really, its just beyond the imaginable.

You’ve written, rewritten or don’t even have idea of how to construct it. Seriously, you’ve got no real word to make the sentences.

You’d browsed the nook and cranny of the web; checked cover to cover of dictionary; yet you’re still that short of the right words to explain your feeling.

Could this be love?

I think I can’t stop loving you! That’s the muse, *winks*.

Leave all those soliloquising to the spirits, enough short text messages to just inform him or her you’re seriously bewitched by his or love. Evince the craziness with magical words…

#LovingYou! There is no “Bon Voyage” in our relationship nor in the love we share. I love you more than love itself. I’m just loving you!

Great collection of text messages to express just lovingYOU… Here we go!

Crazy LovingYou Messages

#LovingYou-1. A beautiful and amazing life for me is a life with you, my love. I love you more than you know.

#LovingYou-2. I want you to know that our relationship means more than words could ever describe. You’re everything to me and I love you beyond the stars.

#LovingYou-3. Loving you is indeed my civic right. Missing you is my undoing. But to love you and take care of you, that will I do forever.

#LovingYou-4. I won’t be the better one for you, but the very best is what I will be for you. No matter how much this will take, I am ready to give my all. I love you.

#LovingYou-5. Each time life knocks you down, I will always be there to pick you up again and again. Sweetie pie, I love you tenderly.

#LovingYou-6. I will always love you till the end of time because no one else could love me like you do. I cherish you forever, damsel.

#LovingYou-7. I won’t just be close to you but I will stay glued to you forever in love. I won’t just give you my heart but give the whole of me to loving you.

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#LovingYou-8. I love your passing towards this relationship and how much you invest morally to see it grow everyday. I love you.

#LovingYou-9. At first I felt it and now I can see it vividly. I just need to let you know that I cherish your effort to see us growing daily.

#LovingYou-10. I have been on hiding this for long and I just have to open today to say… I Love the way you make me feel so special.

Just LovingYou Messages

#LovingYou-11. Nothing is called a good morning,

Without me being with you.

And nothing is called a great day,

If it doesn’t start with you.

Good morning my love.

#LovingYou-12. With you, I got more than what I bargained for.

I asked for love, you gave me fufillment.

You are a rare gem and truly you are my most priced investment.

#LovingYou-13. I need you to survive I’m not lying,

Without you, it is like I’m dying.

You are my life, please don’t make me cry,

Please come back and don’t say bye.

#LovingYou-14. I love you because you have first loved me. And I will forever love you because I see you not going back on this path. Yes, forever!

#LovingYou-15. You make me better; you care and inspire me better and you love me better. I love you, my better half.

#LovingYou-16. We met in a special place on a special day and you love me like no other. I love you so much sweetie pie.

#LovingYou-17. Each and every day I’m grateful that our paths crossed. It was not a mistake that we met and there’s no such thing as coincidence with us. I love you beyond words.

#LovingYou-18. I will go wherever your love goes

Even if I’ll walk on my toes

My love for you will be overdose

We will be best of friends and not foes.

#LovingYou-19. That I love you is a promise I’ll keep

I’ll love you and make you not weep

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While you are awake or you sleep

My love for you will ever remain deep.

#LovingYou-20. You’ve given all to see us here. You’ve stayed with me to weather all life’s storms. Today, I bow in awe of your commitment to this relationship. I love you so much.

I’m Loving You Messages

#LovingYou-21. Thanks love for making me feel loved and cared for. You mean the world to me and I cherish you always.

#LovingYou-22. You’ve filled my heart with joy, gladness, and love from the moment you came into my life. I love you dearly.

#LovingYou-23. You’re simply the best among the rest and I want you to know that I love you beyond words.

#LovingYou-24. I value our relationship so much and I want you to know that I will never give it up even for any precious stones nor riches in the world. I love you tenderly.

#LovingYou-25. I was born to cherish and love you, and I will do that till the end of time. You know that I love you right? Well, I do.

#LovingYou-26. As long as there’s blood pumping in my heart, I will always and forever love you. I cherish you forever, my dearest.

#LovingYou-27. The world’s best calculator failed me again, trying to know how much your love for me is worth. I now give up because your worth is unquantifiable. I love you.

#LovingYou-28. Cupid’s arrow shot at me, love’s spell has been cast on me. I’ve gotten into a big deal with a monumental affection and I see this lasting a lifetime. I love you.

#LovingYou-29. With a step here and another there, we’re making love proud. With you here and me by your side, everything now appears possible. I love us.

#LovingYou-30. Our union is one of a kind. Our future is ready for surprises, too. We’re in for a show and I see it going perpetual. Yes, I love you.

We believe you’ve gotten the right idea to express yourself (if not directly using the above lovingyou texts).

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