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Taueret - Facts and Information About Egyptian Goddess

Taueret (Apet, Opet) 'the Great' in Egyptian mythology was a preferred Goddess of childbirth and symbolized maternity and suckling.

She is represented as a feminine hippopotamus with pendant mammae, standing upright on her again legs and holding the hieroglyphic signal of safety, 'sa,’ a plait of rolled papyearus. She was especial worshipped in Thebes the place, below the New Kingdom, sheenjojti nice recognition amongst people of the center class, who typically ga«. her title to their kids and embellished their homes with ft photos.

As effectively as her position of protectress Taueret typically fulfilled th of an avenging deity: then she would seem as a Goddess with til physique of a hippopotamus however the head of a lioness who brandishd a dagger in a menacing method.

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