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Top sites for information technology news, gadgets reviews and lots. Here we are to dish out the best platforms for I.T related news and services online. Of course, Topify understands how much you’d cherished to get to this websites, because number of people out there had ever wanted to read all about gadget and technology but couldn’t. And to make their search task rewarding, here is the list of top technology and gadget related websites.


PCMagazine.com is a web-based information center that just like its name usually provides the news and information about computers and peripherals equipment. PCMagazine.com is for those who are looking for to upgrade their devices and are unable to decide because of no familiarity with the technology products. At the online website of the PCMagazine.com these users will come to know about the technology products reviews, latest news, prices, opinion and much more. PCMagazine.com is the provider of unbiased news and views about the computer and internet related products and services. If talk about the reviews section of the PCMagazine.com, then this section contains the reviews of the laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, HDTVs, gaming, printers, storage, software, cars, wearable technology, digital home, and even cars. If you want to start your own business about above mentioned products then PCMagazine.com will be surely a great help for you that will make you able to top notch ideas. The other unique section of PCMagazine.com is how to that is basically based on the tutorials and tips and tricks. Here you can also find the best solution about any product. PCMagazine.com also deals in the computers programs and software as well and provides the official Downloading link as well.


CNET.com is a website for getting the review of the IT products and those gadgets that are directly or indirectly linked to the IT. CNET.com is like an e-paper entirely focusing on the new and review of the products. It also describes the prices of the products as well.


TechCrunch.com is a credible name in the world of technology news and information. With the passage of time, TechCrunch.com has made a significant improvement in the world of IT and the process is still on. Now the TechCrunch.com is the name of an independent media property that is dedicated to assisting the especially startups in addition to professionals and expertise.


MakeUseOf.com is among those leading technology websites that are serving in the real term by telling the visitors how to get the real benefits from the products. MakeUseOf.com is the provider of latest technology products. It is not about news and views only. In fact, MakeUseOf.com is the provider of the ways of finding the best approaches to utilize the technological gadgets and tech products in a best way.


As apparent from the name TomsHardware.com, the website is about the information and views on the hardware of the computers, internet products and likewise peripheral gadgets. TomsHardware.com is about the information of latest hardware news, reviews, test, and opinions. It is for those IT users who take much interest in hardware as compared to software.

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If you want to get really expert product reviews, then TopTenReviews.com will be of great help for you for this purpose. In term of reviews and comparison of the two or more that two technological products, TopTenReviews.com is considered as the leading IT platform. It is that level of platform that first provide the in-depth information of a product and after that make the comprehensive analysis of two or more that two products as well.


ConsumerReports.org is a web based information provider of technology product. This platform deals in the information, rating, reviews, and advice on the various products, services. ConsumerReports.org is striving to make the decision making smarter for the tech enthusiastic. ConsumerReports.org is not about few operating systems and limited gadgets only. It is a platform that is the leading platform that deals with the reviews and views of the almost all type of products and services.


iReviews.com is the dedicated platform for getting the reviews of the breakthrough technology in real time. iReviews is an online portal for getting the information and reviews of those products and services that are shaping the future of the world. The best about iReviews is that it deals with the news and reviews of all kind of product like 3D printer & scanner, cloud services, robots, vehicles, virtual reality, wearable technology and much more.


TechRadar.com is the home of technology that has been covering the computing, networking, internet gadgets and much more in a comprehensive way for past many years. Many a time this site has been listed in the leading technology platforms for the purpose of getting news and reviews of the latest technology. Being the one of the leading technology platforms, TechRadar.com deals in the publication of technology-focused articles, with the news and reviews and views of the tech products.


TechSpot.com is the recommendation of the tech expert for the startup and experts for getting the unbiased reviews and views on the technological products and gadgets. TechSpot.com is the best source of information for the computer power users, tech enthusiasts and IT decisions makers for getting the best information and making the smart decisions. TechSpot.com is an online source that delivers the hot news and analysis to those visitors who crave for technical depth and keen to learn.


ExtremeTech.com is a tech blog and the provider of latest news and information about the technology and those related to technology by any means. If you are looking for a professional online source for getting the best in information technology then here is the ExtremeTech.com that will be a great help for you to enhance your knowledge in the tech.

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Purely designed for the tech enthusiasts, ZDNet.com is a tech blog that deals with technology news, analysis, product description and likewise other issues and trends. Those with tech background will surely find the ZDNet.com beneficial for them because ZDNet.com is like a community generated tech platform where the tech gurus and startups share their ideas, pass comments on the recent trends and issues and in that’s way help each other.


eWeek.com is a credible source for essential technology information that is available for free. This platform is known for dealing in latest technology headlines, product reviews, suggestions, recommendations and likewise much other important information. eWeek.com is said to be beneficial for the builders of enterprise infrastructure. eWeek.com make it readers able to always make the smart choices by getting the insight full knowledge of any product or services in advance.


Geek.com is an online tech source that provide its readers latest tech headlines, review and tips & tricks. This platform is dependent on the leading tech giants like POCMag.com, Computer Shopper, IGN, Toolbox.com and ExtremeTech.com for the purpose of getting reviews on recent tech trends and issues. Geek.com is basically a community-based online technology source that features the latest tech news and reviews of the software and hardware along with tech products buying guides, features and much more.


Just like its name TrustedReviews.com, this platform is the provider of detailed expert reviews of latest consumer IT, computing and electronic products. In addition to dealing with review and opinions, TrustedReviews.com is also the provider of the industry news, product launches, and in-depth analysis of the ongoing activities in the tech industry. If you are also expert one or want to share something informational then TrustedReviews.com is a best platform for voicing your opinion and hearing to those customers.


THEINQUIRER.net is a European based site designed for the computer hardware and software news, cover processors, major hardware and much more. It provides the news, reviews, and opinions for tech buffs on the products that are directly or indirectly associated with the computers and information technology equipment. THEINQUIRER.net that said it to be the news provider of computer hardware only now deals in the reviews of various other smartphone and electronic devices as well.


DailyTech.com is an online portal in the world of IT that always comes with bleeding edge in the technology, science, news and various other on daily basis. DailyTech.com is listed among the leading web-based tech magazine for the tech audience only. After visiting the DailyTech.com for the first time, you will real find the interface and material of DailyTech.com up to the minute in all section of techs like IT, CE, PC and lot of other news and articles.