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2go – Download 2go, Register, Login and 2go.im Help


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2go is a mobile social network where you can chat and share with friends and meet new people! 2go is a free mobile social networking application developed by 2go Interactive (Pty) Ltd in Cape Town , South Africa. 2go supports over 1,500 different devices, including feature phones, in addition to Android, BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 smartphones. 2go has over 50 million registered users across Africa with 13 million active users based within Nigeria.

2go Messenger is a freeware and cross-platform texting. 2go enables you to send instant messages and voice calls, and also pictures and other media, documents and so on.

2go application keeps running from a cell phone however it is likewise available from desktop PCs through 2go web; the administration utilizes standard cell portable numbers. 

2go Features

2go is a full featured feature phone instant messaging app. 2go offers one-on-one and group chat services in addition to paid-for chat room facilities which makes use of the platform’s GoCredits currency, which is also spent on games and other content.

2go Fastlane – 2go added a new feature to the messenger called 2go 6.2.0 fastlane. From this fastlane, you get quick access to live Sports Updates, up to date news from Supersports and News24.

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Other 2go features include:

  • Create your own profile and upload profile pictures
  • Meet new people in chat rooms
  • Share files, photos and voice notes
  • Play games in rooms

2go Account Creation

  1. Go to 2go.im. (Android users can simply Download 2go app and follow instructions).
  2. Download / Install the 2go app on your phone.
  3. Launch the application and complete the registration process.

2go Password Retrieval

  • Visit 2go Official platform
  • Click “Help” category on top of the new page that load.
  • Select option that reads ‘Login, Profile Challenges and Password’
  • Click on the “I LOST MY PASSWORD” option
  • Carefully follow the instructions thereafter and you will get your new 2go password
  • Download 2go

    2go is available for several mobile platforms including the almighty Android and Windows phone. You can easily Download 2go from your phone’s applications store or click the respective link below for your phone.

    It is quiet advisable that you generally utilize the latest available version of 2go as the latest versions contain the most up to date highlights and bug fixes.

    2go for Android

    2go for Windows Phone

    2go for PC

    You should note and be aware that 2go app or software for laptop or personal computers is not available. But a medium of accessing 2go functionality on your PC is achievable with the following official steps.

    • Before embarking on this, you must have a 2go account
    • Then visit 2go for PC platform on your laptop.
    • Enter your cell phone number and 2go password.
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    Upon successful logging in, you will be redirected to the Download page. Click the 2go logo to Download 2go on your PC. If you have a supported version of JAVA (JRE) on your computer, 2go MicroEmulator will also be Downloaded to your PC but if you don’t have a supported version of JAVA software on your computer, you will be redirected automatically to a page where you can Download and install it to your PC before you will be able to Download and install the 2go MicroEmulator.

    2go Gateways

    One more important package from 2go is the ability to link up with other social media buddies and chat live without leaving the 2go app.

    To enable this, navigate to “settings”, then, “gateways” and click on your preferred gateway e.g Facebook. You will be prompted to enter your Facebook or gateway login details: your username and password. Once your friends are online, you can chat them up on the go.

    You should note that your Facebook Username on 2go is not the same as the email address you use in logging in to Facebook account.