51 Top Crowdfunding Websites for Great Start-up

Crowdfunding websites (otherwise called crowd sourcing and crowd financing sites), are sites where individuals can system and pool their cash to invest or give towards a business, extend or cause.

Crowdfunding destinations have been utilized to invest in cutting edge new businesses, and invest in business as well as creative activities, for example, programming advancement (applications and computer games), music collections, films, and TV appears. Crowdfunding locales have additionally been utilized to fund different non-benefit causes, for example, political causes, calamity help, neediness alleviation, ecological endeavors, logical research and urban projects.

There are an several of funding models of crowdfunding, including AoN (All or Nothing, where funds are just assembled if the aggregate sum vowed achieves the predefined target), and KiA (Keep it All, where the funds are given over paying little mind to regardless of whether the funding target has been come to). There are additionally an assortment of profits models, including value (where the investor claims some portion of the organization or wander), property (where the investor gets premiums in the property, however doesn’t really possess it), advances (where the investor gets enthusiasm on the cash they loan to a business), and prizes (usually for an imaginative venture, where an investor/donator gets uncommon endowments as a byproduct of their contribution).

Top Crowdfunding Website

  1. Kickstarter.com – Crowdfunding for films, games, music, art, design, technology and more.
  2. Indiegogo.com – Indiegogo is an international crowdfunding site where anyone can raise money for film, music, art, charity, small businesses, gaming, theatre, and more.
  3. GoFundMe.com – A crowd funding website for events and charitable causes.
  4. GiveForward.com – Crowd funding for charitable causes.
  5. PledgeMusic.com – A music crowdfunding site.
  6. FundAnything.com – A crowdfunding site for funding just about anything.
  7. DonorsChoose.org – A crowd funding site for school supplies and projects.
  8. FundRazr.com – A Canadian crowd funding site and Facebook app.
  9. Pozible.com – Pozible is a crowdfunding platform and community for creative projects and ideas. It is for artists, musicians, filmmakers, journalists, designers, entrepreneurs, inventors, event organisers, software developers and all other creative minded people to raise funds for projects.
  10. Fundable.com – A crowdfunding site that allows both rewards-based and equity-based funding campaigns for small businesses.
  11. CrowdCube.com – An equity-based crowd funding website for UK businesses.
  12. Tilt.com – A crowd funding site for nonprofit organisations. Formerly Crowdtilt.
  13. FundingCircle.com – A UK based crowdfunding site which allows savers to lend money directly to small businesses.
  14. Fundly.com – A crowdfunding site for various causes (including charitable, political, clubs, schools, teams, churches, and more).
  15. YouCaring.com – A US website for crowd funding medical expenses.
  16. 40Billion.com – A crowd funding site that promotes community based business fundraising on social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  17. Seedrs.com – A crowd funding site for discovering and investing in seed stage startups.
  18. Companisto.de – A German crowdfunding site for equity investments.
  19. Rally.org – Crowd fundraising for individuals, groups, social causes and non-profit organisations.
  20. RockThePost.cim – An equity crowdfunding website for startups.
  21. Upstart.com – A crowdfunding site for connecting recent college graduates with investors.
  22. WeFunder.com – Crowd investing for startups.
  23. FundedByMe.com – A Swedish crowdfunding site (also available in Norwegian) for musicians, artists and entrepreneurs.
  24. CircleUp.com – Crowdfunding for consumer brands.
  25. Gambitious.com – A Dutch crowdfunding website for game development.
  26. Eppela.com – Italian crowdfunding platform.
  27. StartSomeGood.com – StartSomeGood is a crowdfunding platform for non-profits, social entrepreneurs and change-makers to raise funds and grow a community of supporters.
  28. appbackr.com – Appbackr is a wholesale marketplace for applications, which allows app developers to find wholesale buyers to fund applications and drive sales.
  29. EarlyShares.com – An equity based crowdfunding site with various industry categories.
  30. MicroVentures.com – MicroVentures is an investment bank for startups. They conduct due diligence on startups and then if approved, help them raise capital from angel investors.
  31. Innovestment.de – A German crowdfunding website for equity investments.
  32. Bountysource.com – Bountysource is a website that was originally a website for open source bounties, where monetary rewards can be given for completing a task in an open source software project. In 2012, the site introduced crowd funding bounties.
  33. Headstart.co.il – An Israeli crowdfunding site for entrepreneurs.
  34. StartupValley.com – A crowdfunding site for venture capital.
  35. Appsplit.com – An online crowd sourcing platform for apps.
  36. TenPages.com – A Dutch website for crowdfunded investments in book publishing. Authors post at least 10 pages of their book they want sponsored, and investors can buy shares in the book.
  37. Microryza.com – A website for crowdfunding science based research projects.
  38. Symbid.com – A Dutch crowdfunding site with a focus on seed and growth capital.
  39. peerbackers.com – A crowdfunding site that allows business owners to raise capital, in exchange for rewards for contributors.
  40. BankToTheFuture.com – A UK crowd finance platform for small businesses.
  41. Unbound.co.uk – A crowdfunding site for book publishing.
  42. NewJelly.com – A Norway based crowd funding website.
  43. AppsFunder.com – AppsFunder is a funding platform, connecting mobile entrepreneurs and developers with funders.
  44. Kopernik.info – A crowdfunding site that allows people to donate money towards projects that distribute technology to developing countries.
  45. Peoplefund.it – A UK based crowdfunding website.
  46. CommunityFunded.com – A crowdsourcing platform for philanthropic projects.
  47. AbundanceGeneration.com – A regulated online platform that lets people lend money to renewable energy projects in the UK.
  48. rebuildingsociety.com – A UK based peer-to-peer lending website, with a focus on finance for small to medium sized businesses.
  49. PledgeMe.co.nz – New Zealand crowd funding platform.
  50. Invesdor.com – A Finnish based crowdfunding site for startups and growth companies.
  51. Seedups.com – A crowd funding site for investment in startup companies.
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