7 Anime Sites Like AnimeNewsNetwork.com

AnimeNewsNetwork.com or Anime News Network (ANN) is an anime industry news website that reports on the status of anime, manga, video games, Japanese popular music and other related cultures within North America, Australia and Japan.

Additionally, it sometimes features similar happenings throughout the world. The website offers reviews and other editorial content, forums where readers can discuss current issues and events, and an encyclopedia that contains a large number of anime and manga with information on Japanese and English staff, theme songs, plot summaries, and user ratings.

Founded in July 1998 by Justin Sevakis, the website claims to be the leading English-language source for news and information about anime and manga on the Internet. The site operated, until 2008 the magazine Protoculture Addicts.

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Be that as it may, now Topify has make a list of top sites like Anime News Network, in anime news reporting, reviews, anime search engine, anime links list, anime conventions site, and more sites to get the very best out in anime holding. Anime, pronounced “ah-nee-may.”

1. Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet is virtually the best site like Anime News Network. No wonder it is coming first in our top list of sites like Anime News Network. Anime-Planet is arguably one of the world’s most reputable recommendation database for anime and manga related to Anime News Network. Anime-Planet was created in 2001 as the first anime recommendation database, enabling users to easily get and give recommendations for what to watch next. Anime-Planet also features manga recommendations, personal anime and manga lists of what you’ve seen and read, and hand-written encyclopedia content for anime, manga, characters and beyond. Take it or leave it, Anime-Planet is out to feed you what you’ve missed about anime and manga. Anime-Planet, a perfect site similar to Anime News Network.

2. Gaia Online

Another big daddy on our list of sites like Anime News Network is GaiaOnline. What makes Gaia Online a sacrosanct option to Anime News Network? Gaia Online is an online hangout, incorporating social networking, forums, gaming and a virtual world. Also, Gaia Online is an English-language, anime-themed social networking and forums-based website founded as go-gaia in year 2003, before change of name to GaiaOnline.com in 2004 by Gaia Interactive. Gaia Online originally began as an anime linklist and eventually developed a small community, but, following a statement by founder Derek Liu, the website moved towards social gaming, and eventually became forum-based. With millions of posts and millions of registered users, Gaia Online won the 2007 Webware 100 award in the Community category and was included in Time Magazine’s list of 50 best websites in 2008. In January 2011, the company won the Mashable Best User experience Award for 2010. Indeed, Gaia Online is worthy to be among the anime-related sites Anime News Network.

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3. Viz Media

Here is another banger, one great stop and stare site like Anime News Network. VIZ is a provider of information on anime, man merchandise related services. VIZ Media LLC is a Japanese-American manga, anime and entertainment company headquartered in San Francisco, California. One of the main reason while Viz is on our list of sites like Anime News Network is that, VIZ Media is not only the largest publisher of manga in North America—but they are also a leading distributor of the best anime all across the globe. Meanwhile, a VIZ account allows you to purchase digital products, follow your favorite series, make comments, and receive news and updates from VIZ Media. Visit Viz today and I bet it, you’re gonna love their services. Viz.com, they lead while others follows in the anime distribution – suitable stop-spot for anime, site similar to Anime News Network.

4. The Spectrum

The Spectrum‘s addition to sites like Anime News Network is no mistake. The Spectrum has a lot to offer in the anime review, manga review, and manga scans sections, but are those enough. The Spectrum Nexus always want to provide you with the best high quality content to keep you coming back for more. Anime is a rapidly growing industry with big news being announced every single day. The Spectrum partnered up with the largest anime news provider, Anime News Network, to bring you the latest anime news. They are the best and most accurate anime news source available, and they update numerous times a day. This anime news section covers everything from the latest conventions to the most recent news coming straight from Japan. If you’ve ever wondered when a series in Japan will be making its way out, then you gotta check them out. The Spectrum, home to anime news, reviews and more – good site similar to Anime News Network.

5. AnimeSuki

Another great site offering anime-related services is AnimeSuki. One sort of site relating to Anime News Network is AnimeSuki, it is a website spiced with fan-subtitled episode Downloads and also includes forum. AnimeSuki tries to provide a complete and convenient overview of links to all unlicensed English anime fansubs available through the P2P file swarming application BitTorrent. Though, AnimeSuki does not host any of the media files mentioned on the site. It also does not host anything related to BitTorrent such as trackers or torrent files. AnimeSuki site is merely an index of links to other websites. AnimeSuki has long been an anime resource for links leading you to relevant anime reviews, encyclopedia, anime series, and whole lot of anime content for your pleasure. You will agree with me, it is an important site found among sites like Anime News Network.

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6. Anime Characters Database

Anime Characters Database is another wonderful site similar to Anime News Network. Anime Characters Database helps you to search over 80,000 characters using visible traits like hair color, eye color, hair length, age, and gender. Anime Characters Database started as a character identification service. They are indexing every character from visual novels, h-games, and Japanese anime, and offer so much more. Claim your waifu/husbando and imouto/onii-chan. Battle against other member in epic waifu wars. Treasure hunt and collect cards. Join a Guild, make new friends on the Anime Characters Database forums or in the lounge. Start a character VS match. Another interesting stuff about Anime Characters Database is that, users can chat with the site owner and share ideas. If you like a feature but find it difficult to use, contact them and make it more engaging. With Anime Characters Database, everything seems easy and interesting. No wonder, we love to add them to our list of sites like Anime News Network.

7. AnimeCons

This is an extra, AnimeCons.com! Just for anime conventions goers. AnimeCons.com is your complete guide to anime conventions worldwide. AnimeCons provides a comprehensive guide to all anime conventions in US, Canada, Finland and beyond. Anime conventions have embraced video gaming and made room for gamers to enjoy their hobby at cons. You no longer have to be an anime fan to get a blast out of an anime convention. In an anime convention, there are weapon replicas, art books, hats, messenger bags, t-shirts, video games, retro consoles, figurines, scarves, jewelry, and more. So to get up to date information and guide to what and what is to be and where it is being, AnimeCons.com should be on your bookmark.

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