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WordPress vs Blogspot: Reason Why WordPress is Better

WordPress vs Blogspot

Which one is better, WordPress or Blogspot? What should I choose between WordPress or Blogspot? What are the features of WordPress sites? All these and many other questions will definitely be answered in this article.

We’d treated Reasons Why Blogger site is better than WordPress site earlier, it is obviously an interesting topic, a more controversial issue, a quiet confusing matter for fresh bloggers, amateurs (permit me, if I may say). No doubt about it, having above questions lingering and troubling your mind is very normal for the starters. And perhaps, everything will be analyse in this post.

It is quiet an arduous task to conclude in this sort of topic as there lies different opinions from different perspective. And perhaps to critically discuss this, one should have used both WordPress and Blogspot and probably define their features. However, this post focuses on the top reason why you should choose WordPress over Blogger. Without wasting much of time, below are exceptional points to backing your choice of WordPress site over Blogger’s Blogspot:

Why Choose WordPress over Blogger?

WP is SEOtic

Ask the world why they always want to be “WordPressing”, no ultimate answer other than “it is search engine optimised”. With WordPress, Search Engine Optimisation is quiet an edge over Blogger / Blogspot, because WordPress is built in a more condense manner that pleases search engines out there. The use of plugins to manipulate your keyword, post description, quick sitemap.xml generation (which is very hard in Blogger, before you know your site map file in Blogger, it is time consuming and very ugly url e.g https://yoursite.com/sitemap.xml?page=1 and so. Damn! set post title for social media, configuration of how my website should be conveyed to different search engine and host of other features to boost your online networking and brand awareness. Unlike Blogger / Blogspot, your default post title is the one search engine will see, no description, inclusive meta tag which are irrelevant to search engine and so defunct. My dear, the bottom line is bWordPress is Better than Blogger in SEO aspect.

Consistent updates

No other platforms has this reputation ever since, upgrading or updating of CMS and it’s evolving products. WordPress provides consistent updates to your WordPress websites, paving way for you to meeting demands and standard of the current world of “webbing”. In this case, if that’s what you always want – to be in vogue – hello, are you there? Okay, WordPress does that better than anyone. With Blogger / Blogspot, you’d wait years to see new rollout packages or updates. To add to that, getting Google Automated Sitelinks is quiet possible with WordPress. You know what that implies, bonuses in search engine appearance and professionally way of branding.

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Social Media Integration

We mentioned this while treating SEOtic part of WordPress, but yet again for more emphasis, WordPress provides you with more social integration and brand awareness than any other platforms especially Blogger / Blogspot. Integrate LIKE Widget, social media commenting, post directly to all social media as soon as your post is launched on your website without you copying links, etc. It is interesting, init?

Boss Yourself on WP

You don’t want to be leaving feedback or contacting Google always on some things you should be able to do yourself? Go for WordPress. With WordPress self hosted website, you control your database yourself, access files from your database, launch query, edit, execute manual configuration you feel is beneficial to your website, add more security level, Oh My God! Control anything you want on WordPress, not on Blogger / Blogspot, again.

Advance Customization

Tons of opportunities are available on WordPress, for advance customisation. When I mean advance, I mean ADVANCE – though themes are very much available for your desired configuration, live customisation, meanwhile, thousands of plugins are in stock to choose and upgrade your website functions. It’s only on WordPress site not Blogger will you be able to create an effective E-Commerce website, Membership site, business portfolio, launch several services on your WordPress website, etc seriously no limitation. The more you can think and dream, with WordPress, the more you can achieve.

Boost Your Sales / Content Marketing

I couldn’t believe this should be the next but yeah, it is. WordPress boasts of media for aggressive content marketing. Boost your sales with displays of professionally crafted gadgets. Turn your website to a money-haven with the way you manipulate WordPress for your business’ success. Or can you come across this on Blogger / Blogspot?

No Restrictions

Absolutely no Restrictions. We mentioned it earlier the more you could dream, with WordPress the more you can be of great value to yourself and your immediate environment. With Blogger / Blogspot, there is “GOOGLEPHOBiA“; you fear anything Google products, Google may sideline your website, even delete it (though, with notice) if found violatung their policy. There are no stumbling block on what you can achieve with a WordPress site unlike Blogger.

Everyone is a Professional

It’s only on WordPress will an amateur becomes pro, here fresh bloggers launch his/her website and with high customisable options, all you could see is a professional touch. Plugins improves functionality, implementation of all prerequisite of a professional websites in a few clicks. Such as, plugins for Gzipping, minificaction, SEO plugins, contact form, subscription, optimising pagespeed, Website health diagnosis plugins etc all what is required is available. All these and more ONLY on WordPress not Blogger / Blogspot.

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Cost effective

There we go again, free things are liable to meet defects. So, WordPress premium themes, plugins and other services are therefore cost effective. Cheaper than their service. Do you need to pay for anything on WordPress? Don’t worry, they are money back guaranteed.

A Platform of Pride

LMAO! That just the truth about WordPressers, it is a platform for the pride. WordPressers wants to showcase theirselves, boost their reputation and the like. It is a general believe that when you are using anything free, you are not yet ready for the business and task on course. Using Blogger, everyone believes it is a free hosting platform and there are restrictions to what you can perform on it. But with WordPress… Ehn! You are the boss, thank you.

Abundant Resources

WordPress is undisputedly the best, meanwhile this is justified as it’s tutorials, how-tos and sorts are in excess online . Unlike Blogger or Blogspot that a few website could run their tutorials and how to hacks. WordPress is said to be supported by a thriving, and engaged community. Furthermore, a recent study estimates that approximately 8% of the sites on the Internet are run by WordPress. There are thousands of designers, developers and enthusiasts out there to help if you get stuck. Help is just a Google or Bing search away. With WordPress, anything is easy to come by.

Blogging WP on WP for Income

You don’t understand, right? Okay let me explain what I meant. Do you know picking a niche based on WordPress blogging tips and hacks could make a big payout for you? Now you know. WordPress as a search engine keyword only is a big source of income to your blogging on WordPress itself. By covering tons of distinct topic on your favourite blogging platform (WordPress) could earn you more d$ll$r at the end of the day. However, enormous websites are online treating that, but like I stressed – distinct topics then you’d better be cashing out.

Everybody Loves WordPress #ELW

Now we are here. This header is self explanatory. But why did everyone loves WordPress? Why is everyone choosing WordPress over Blogger? Anyway, no doubt, no controversy, no comment, no… Everybody Loves WordPress Because it is more than blogging unlike Blogger or so called Blogspot. We love WordPress too!

Note: this topic is not representing to deform the image of Blogger or to instigate any bad notion, it’s just for enlightenment and educational purposes. Individual opinion of the author is ingested to this post however.